Paschal Earns All-State Honors All-State Girls Team:

1st Team

Cierra Burdick - Butler
Ariel Bursey - Western Harnett
Kristen Gaffney - Green Hope
Katie Paschal - Williamston
Shannon Smith - Forestview

2nd Team

Megan Buckland - Bishop McGuinness
Danielle Butts - South Central
Lakin Norris - Mitchell
Monet Tellier - East Meck
Clair Watkin - Butler

3rd Team

Kelva Atkins - Granville Central
Dee Hardy - E.E. Smith
Shonese Jones - Brevard
Courtney Melvin - East Bladen
Shanuqua Phifer - Salisbury Player of the Year

Cierra Burdick - Butler Coach of the Year

Andrew Mitchell - Salisbury

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  • by jimmy johnson Location: b town baby on Apr 2, 2010 at 03:14 PM
    in the end, this conversation doesnt even mattteeeeeerrrrrrrr
  • by Meredith Location: Williamston on Mar 26, 2010 at 06:00 PM
    Coach X, why don't you grow up and get a life? Stop continuing to criticize Katie. No one has ever seen her play at a D1 level so until you do, stop criticizing the girl! She has never had a coach like Coach Baldwin who will be able to help her develop. You must have some hard feelings toward Katie because otherwise you would give your opinion and leave it alone. She has had a great high school and AAU career that have prepared her for her next 4 years at ECU. I'm sure she will do great and continue her success.
  • by Tigers Location: Williamston on Mar 25, 2010 at 08:33 AM
    Are u the Perq. asst? Bertie coach? Northside coach? I promise you coach X i understand how athlethes develop. The problem here seems to be jealousy of attention she receives or as I said before the loses she has handed you. Yes I am a Katie Paschal fan, I am a fan of all HS athlethe that work to get where they are. This post begin about her and Paxton, Paxton is a great player as well. I've seen Katie play 80 plus times since 7th grade. I've seen Paxton play close to 10. They will be succesful at there levels. They both have alot of work to do to make it happen. I would be willing to wager that I've seen as many HS basketball games as anyone in ENC. I've seen many shows before as you call it, and paid lots of attention. There were 8 girls teams and 8 boys teams in the NC finals. How many did you see play in person this year? Before championship sat. I had seen 5 of the 8 girls teams and 6 of the 8 boys teams play. I think I understand NC HS basketball.
  • by Coach X on Mar 24, 2010 at 11:28 PM
    "Tigers" apparently I haven't said enough since you remain completely ignorant of how athletes develop in a broad and varied number of ways and timetables. You simply lack any understanding of the concept. That isn't an insult, just a fact. I know nothing of your few guesses, local opponent, few beatings or guess about #1. Whatever that was all about. Middle school girls shoot every day, they usually don't do it at 5am, but they shoot every day. I don't know how WITN has let you go on and on when you seem so incapable of understanding the process of evaluating the ability and development of athletes. I guess they realize that you are just a Katie Paschal fan and you refuse to accept anything that doesn't sing her praises, even if those things are realistic. She is a very good high school player. She worked very, very hard to be one and it worked. I've seen this show before, time and time again. You have too, but paid no attention, why would you, it's something you can't fathom.
  • by Tigers Location: Williamston on Mar 24, 2010 at 07:55 PM
    ....."X", have you said enough? I'm really not sure how WITN is letting you go on and on. I have a few guesses which local opponent you may be a coach for. You've taken a few beatens from Paschal and the Tigers. Guess # 1 was it four this year? Good luck with all your scouting, recruiting, coaching. PS I heard there were two Williamston Middle School girls shooting and working out this afternoon. I sure hope they top out.
  • by Coach X on Mar 24, 2010 at 06:16 PM
    In the coaching and recruiting world we use the term "tremendous upside" to describe a few young, high school athletes. It is used when referring to an athlete who has alot of potential to get better because they haven't been coached and drilled to the extent that they could have been. If this term is useful, which it is, then we must admit that those athletes who have been drilled hard and long as kids, maximizing their potential while in high school would need a useful and accurate term to describe them because their growth potential has been met to a large degree, at least in comparison to those kids whose athletic ability is still raw and untapped. This useful term is "topped out". It doesn't mean that an athlete can't improve, it means the potential is nearly met and improvements will not be leaps, they will be minimal. There are many levels in between these two extremes. Katie happens to be closer to "topped out" than she is "raw", another useful word, with "tremendous upside".
  • by Meredith Location: Williamston on Mar 22, 2010 at 06:21 PM
    I'm happy to hear Katie recieved 1st team all-state. She is a great athlete with a lot of "potential". I've watched her play since I transferred to Williamston and I was amazed by all the talent she possesses. She is not only a great basketball player, she is a good leader with a good personality. I play volleyball with Katie and I'm in awe of her althetic ability. It's just as exciting watching her play volleyball as it is watching her play basketball. I think a lot of her and her dedication as an athlete. I was so excited when Williamston made it to the 4th round. I watched Paxton and was very impressed with the talent she had and I'm glad to hear she is going to Roanoke College to further her career as an athlete and a student. I wish her the best of luck. I know KP and GP will do well in college. Just fyi: Katie works everyday because she's determined she wants to make something out of herself. --Katie's #1 FAN
  • by Katie Paschal on Mar 21, 2010 at 02:11 PM
    yes, i do work hard...bc i want to get better like any good athlete. I dont understand how you could honestly believe that having a strong work ethic is negative. I dont feel like I have to justify myself as a basketball player but i would just like to say that you are way out of line because my dad has never had to force me to do anything. No player is possibly topped out at the end of their high school career that is ridiculous!
  • by #1 hairdoer on Mar 21, 2010 at 01:55 PM
    ok first of all i am not a hairdresser, i am katies best friend so i know everything that there is to know about katie and how she works. She has never had a "4 am workout" her entire life. She does practice hard, and alot but when has that ever been bad?... NEVER... You have got the be the absolute worst "coach" ever, if you think that a girl practicing hard to accomplish her dreams is something bad. Quite frankly i dont know why anyone would ever want your opinions. You are a hater and know nothing about the potential that katie has, so that means you probably need to stop posting stupid comments like this and go on continuing to fool yourself in to believing that you are a good coach, or even a "coach' at all.
  • by Coach X on Mar 20, 2010 at 07:25 PM
    Never coached in rec league and wouldn't want to. Everybody has to play the same amount even if they aren't good or their silly hairdresser mom starts yapping about how much she paid for her kid to play. You also have to tell the kids they are the next Michael Jordan even if they can't find the center jump circle. That is ok, for those who want to do it. In the world of college athletics you evaluate each prospect not only for what they are at the moment but for what they can be. A great raw athlete who has only played for a couple of years with no press clippings is a more attractive prospect than a topped out, overdrilled, roboplayer who's Dad woke them up every morning at 4am to get a workout in before school. Stick to sweeping up the hair and doing the nails and I will keep culling out the topped out athletes unless I need a local kid with other qualities to place on my bench and drive those alumni donations. That is important too! If you don't win, you are gone.

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