ENC Runners Talk About Boston Marathon Experience

There were 27,000 runners in the Boston Marathon Monday, and 20 of them were from eastern Carolina. We have not had any reports of any of them being injured. WITN's Lynnette Taylor spoke with three of them who recall how the most rewarding day of their lives turned into the most horrific.

Charlie "Choo" Justice and Dionne Evans of Greenville, and Kay Evans of Beaufort County all had their motivations for running after years of training.

"My mother is undergoing cancer treatment right now, and I wanted to do it for her and think of her while I was doing that ," said Kay Evans.

"After I ran it the first time ,and taking it all in, I decided to see if if I could knock it out in really good time," said Justice.

"I was just determined to go to Boston and have a good time," said Dionne Evans.

This was Dionne's first Boston Marathon and the first time she ever feared for her life.

"One of the happiest moments of my life to all of a sudden turn into the most frightening day of my life," said Dionne.

"It was kind of like 9-11 when things had happened and you didn't know what was going to happen next so we were just kind of like wow," remarked Charlie.

"I hear the first one, and people just stopped and people on the street just looked at each other and the next one you just knew something had happened," said Kay."I didn't know what it was."

"Everybody froze. You could hear a pin drop, and then the second explosion- that's when you knew something was wrong," said Dionne.

"You just think of the people there, and it was just by chance that we weren't there at that time and cheering on their friends or just cheer on the runners in general. It's very sad." said Kay.

"I'm angry," said Dionne. "How could someone do this, ruin so many lives and be a coward and not show their face and just walk away. You killed an 8-year-old child and can't show your face. That's a coward and they will be caught."

All three say they are willing to run in the Boston Marathon again, although, Justice has decided not to.