North Lenoir High School PA Announcer In 37th Year

67-year-old Doug Craig is a Kinston native and North Lenoir High School football's public address announcer. He got the job on a whim but has been behind the mic at NLHS home football games since the 1970's.

He remembers his first game, announcing the team as they came onto the field as the "North Lenoir Eagles."

"Well, you know, it's the North Lenoir Hawks. And everybody in the crowd heard me and turned around in unison and yelled 'HAWKS,'" Craig recalls.

Throughout the year years, Craig has seen it all. He says one of the scariest moments was when an ambulance was called out onto the field for an injured player. When he realized whose number it was, he discovered, it was his own son. Fortunately, his son lived to play many more games.

He says, "The greatest sport to watch is high school football. There's more action, there's a lot of things you don't expect, and it's just a wonderful time to sit and watch these kids play and watch them develop into fine young men."

Craig takes his job seriously. He's only missed one game in the past 37 years. He has fun with it, too. People he does business with get a kick out of his "other gig."

Craig stays modest and under the radar, acknowledging that the fans come for the players and their school -- not the man behind the mic.

He says retirement is not an option. But, he's made a promise to himself for how he'll step down:

"When I sit down here for the first home game of the season and the team starts on the field and I say, 'Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome the North Lenoir Hawks, whatever year, State Football Champions!' I'm handing the microphone to someone else."

Craig says along with the fancy jacket, shirt and hat, the best part of being the PA anouncer is the people -- the players, coaches, parents, and fans.

He was inducted into the North Lenoir High School Hall of Fame back in 2008.