New Program Trying To Make Youth Football Safer By Reducing Concussions

(NBC News) Football season is cranking back up again, and concussion safety is once again becoming a widely discussed issue.

A new study that is being referred to as the "Heads Up" program, suggests that improved tackling techniques may offer some protection from severe concussions.

USA Football, the youth sport's governing body, teaches players to tackle an opponent by wrapping their arms around them, rather than ramming them with their heads.

"It's a little too soon to tell, but I think anecdotally, it makes a lot of sense to coach athletes to tackle with their heads up and not use their head as a weapon," said Dr. Steven Broglio with the University of Michigan.

There's no data yet on whether "Heads Up" does reduce head injuries, but new research on high school football players gives the theory credibility.