Coach Doing Well Following Kidney Transplant

A basketball coach from the east tells WITN he is doing well following a kidney transplant over the weekend.

D.H. Conley basketball coach William Knight is on the road to recovery.

The coach of sixteen years has a chronic kidney disease that had him on a waiting list since 2009 for a transplant.

Knight says a blessing came when one of his players, Olivia Dunn, learned of his chronic kidney disease and his need for a new kidney. Since he gave her a second chance to play basketball on his JV team, she wanted to give him a second chance and started a website to raise awareness to help him.

Last Sunday that need was filled through Carolina Donor Services, which found a match for Knight. Hours after he was called Sunday night, he had a new kidney. It's a process that lead knight to realize one important lesson. Knight says, "For everybody to be careful what you say to people you never know who you will need in life, you will never know who will give you that last drink of water, God works in mysterious ways."

Knight told WITN he plans to be back on the court in late October on the sidelines helping coach the girls until he is fully recovered.


A story we brought you back in February of a Greenville high school's fight to help an ailing basketball coach get a kidney transplant has come full circle. It appears D.H.Conley High School Coach William Knight had a successful transplant. It's a heartfelt story that started with one girl being given a second shot at the JV basketball team which soon turned into her determination to give Knight a second shot at life.

Olivia Dunn was a freshman when she got a second chance at joining the JV girls basketball team under coach Knight. Upon learning their coach suffered from chronic kidney disease and was on a waiting list for a new one, Dunn and her teammates jumped into action starting A match was found through Carolina Donor Services. I spoke to D.H. Conley's athletic director and Olivia who don't expect the coach to be lounging around for long.

"Knowing coach Knight, he's planning on being here October 31st which is the opening day of tryouts for winter basketball," said
D.H. Conley Athletic Director Rob Maloney.

"My dad went and saw him in the hospital today and the first thing he said was Olivia better be at practice tonight. That's just typical Coach Knight that's how he is, and we all expect that from him," said Dunn.

We're told that coach knight may be well enough to speak tomorrow

Olivia and her family wanted to make sure people know they aren't taking credit for the donation, but hope that it got the message out about the need for organ donation. Dave and Carolina Donor Services says they can't reveal the name of the donor, and that not even Coach Knights family knows.