Shaw Wins Downeast Viking Classic

Rocky Mount, NC - (September 22, 2007) The script has been rewritten. After suffering two heartbreaking losses, the Shaw Bears (2-2 Overall; 1-0 Conference) have emerged as Champions of the 10th Annual Down East Viking Football Classic in Rocky Mount, North Carolina over the Vikings of Elizabeth City State University 20-17.

Alan Atwater (#34) led in rushing yardage for the Bears with 161 yards. In the first half, Joel McClenney of ECSU scored a touchdown in the first quarter putting them ahead 7-0 after the successful field goal by Daniel Mendez. Shaw answered right back with a seven yard run that resulted in a touchdown by Raymond Williams (#20) and the field goal by Ryne Powell (#39). Things changed in the third quarter of the game. Returning an interception from Shaw, ECSU scored a touchdown. Again, the Bears answered back with a touchdown by Lenell King (#9) and the score was tied at 14.

With eight minutes left in the fourth quarter, Shaw scored a field goal taking the lead 17-14. As the clock ticked away leaving seconds, ECSU scored a field goal at the buzzer that tied the game. In overtime, Shaw University took the lead with a field goal sending the score up 20-17. The Bears defense shut them down three times leading ECSU to try to score with a field goal to tie. ECSU was denied as their attempt failed and the Bears and coaching staff ran across the field and fans poured out of the bleachers in an excited frenzy at the conference win; their first conference game this season.