Police Report Says Attempted Suicide: Dallas Cowboys Receiver Terrell Owens Says No Way

Dallas Cowboys receiver Terrell Owens says “There was no suicide attempt.”

Owens is responding to reports that he tried to kill himself with an overdose of pain medication yesterday. He says he took some pain pills yesterday and became “kind of groggy,” and then took some extra pills with his supplements.

Police in Texas say Dallas Cowboys receiver Terrell Owens tried to commit suicide by overdosing on pain medication.

According to a police report, Owens told rescue workers he was depressed. The report also says that the worker found the bottle of prescription pain medication empty.

The rescuer was then told by Owens that before this incident he’d taken only five of the 40 pain pills in the bottle he’d emptied.

The worker then asked Owens if he was trying to harm himself and Owens, according to the report, stated “Yes.”

Owens broke his hand during a game on September 17th.