Fidel Castro Calls Olympic Judges "Corrupt"

Fidel Castro says corrupt judges are to blame for
Cuba's sub-par showing at the Beijing Olympics.

The ailing, 82-year-old ex-president also says he wants big
changes in olympic training on the communist-run island.

Castro alleges that judges blatantly stole semifinal fights from
two Cuban boxers, and that a judge must have been bribed in the
case of Angel Matos, who kicked a referee in the face after he was
disqualified in a bronze-medal taekwondo match.

Taekwondo officials want Matos and his coach banned for life
from the sport. They have already been banned for life from Olympic competition. But Castro suggested in an essay published Monday
that a "mafia" succeeded in "laughing at the rules of the
Olympic Committee." Cuba won two gold medals in China, down from
nine in Athens.