Barkley Still Hasn't Settled Up With Casino

Nevada prosecutor and a Las Vegas Strip casino say Charles Barkley hasn't settled his $400,000 gambling debt, despite what he said on television.

Officials with the Wynn Las Vegas resort and the Clark County
district attorney's office say there's been no payment and no
contact with the former NBA star and TV analyst.

During Turner Network Television's pre-game show before the NBA
playoffs Monday, Barkley said the debt had been paid and he was
giving up gambling.

The Wynn Las Vegas resort alleges in a civil complaint filed May
14 in Nevada state court that Barkley failed to repay four $100,000
casino markers, or loans, received last Oct. 18 and 19.

District Attorney David Roger has promised to file a criminal
complaint if Barkley doesn't pay up by June 9.