"Rocket Man" Soars

Who needs a plane when you have your own jet-powered wings?

Swiss pilot and extreme sports enthusiast Yves Rossy has spent years developing his 8-foot long wings that are powered by four jet
turbines. And he finally got to show them off.

There were gasps and cheers from a crowd on a Swiss mountain as
Rossy stepped from a plane at 7,500 feet. After gliding for a while, he fired up the four engines and flew. Rossy spent all of five minutes turning figure eights and soaring high above the Alps before his final trick, a 360 degree roll which he says was meant "to impress the girls."

He then landed at a nearby airport.

Rossy says his next goal is to use jet wings to fly across the English Channel later this year.

He tells The Associated Press that he is also working on a wing that will have bigger, more powerful engines that would allow him to fly through the Grand Canyon.