Titans Introduce Chris Johnson To Nashville


(On what last 24 hours have been like)

It’s kind of been crazy as far as being nervous and waiting to get called and being anxious to see where you are going. It’s exciting.

(On being able to play right away)

It’s really exciting just looking at last year and all the things that (Minnesota Vikings running back) Adrian Peterson did; going to the Pro Bowl, Rookie of the Year, those type things. It made all rookies these days feel good about coming in here trying to play and just trying to get on the field, just trying to win a Super Bowl.

(on doing whatever the coaches want him to do in order to get the ball)

I like new things and I just want to help this team win. Whatever way they come up with to get me the ball to try to help me to get touchdowns, I’m all for it.

(on his speed and the speed in the NFL)

I’ve never gotten ran down. I was the fastest guy at the combine, but I know coming to this level that every year it’s the fastest guy at the combine. So it’s a lot of speed at the next level. I know you going from college running 4.9s and 5.0 flats to the NFL where they are running 4.5s and 4.6s. Everybody has speed at this level. You can’t just get the ball and try to take it outside, you have to stick with the play.

(on how old he was when he realized he was fast)

I was young when I realized that I was one of the fastest dudes in the nation; it was about my 10th grade year.

(on transferring sprinter speed over to football speed)

If you are a track guy coming to football it’s harder. I was always a football guy first. I never ran track until I was a 9th grader. It’s really not a hard transition.