A Greek Tragedy Among Sheep At UNC Chapel Hill

Rameses XVII has been dethroned, by his own son.

In a Greek tragedy among sheep, Rameses' five-year reign as North Carolina's mascot ended with a head-butt from his son, Pablo.

The News & Observer of Raleigh reported Wednesday that Rameses was hit so severely his horn snapped. Rameses' keeper, Rob Hogan, said the curly horned ram went off food and water for a week, and he didn't think the animal would survive.

He did, but the one-horned Rameses will no longer represent the
university or appear before 60,000 roaring fans at Kenan Stadium. Pablo has taken his father's place as Rameses XVIII.

The family line dates back to 1924, when a North Carolina cheerleader decided the Tar Heels needed a mascot to rival North Carolina State's wolf and Georgia's bulldog. Hogan said most rams have peacefully shared pastures with their sons.

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