Major League Baseball To Increase Drug Testing

Major League Baseball

Baseball players and owners have agreed to amend
their drug agreement. The decision allows for more frequent testing
and eliminates 15-day suspensions assessed in December against Jose Guillen and Jay Gibbons.
As part of the agreement, major leaguers -- including those
named in December's Mitchell Report -- will join Major League
Baseball's efforts to educate youth about performance-enhancing
drugs. And the players' association will contribute $200,000 to an
anti-drug organization.
In exchange for those two provisions, baseball commissioner Bud
Selig has agreed not to discipline players implicated
by Mitchell during his 18-month investigation.
Guillen and Gibbons were suspended in December following media
reports linking them to performance-enhancing drugs. Those
penalties were put on hold just before opening day as negotiators
neared an agreement.
Guillen plays for the Kansas City Royals. Gibbons was cut by the
Baltimore Orioles near the end of spring training.
Baseball did not heed advice from the World Anti-Doping Agency
and turn drug testing over to an outside agency.