Indians Don’t Play... You Get Paid

Kinston Indians logo seen over historic Gringer Stadium.

City wide power outages, four inches of rain and unplayable field conditions; the Kinston Indians have seen it all as every game of their opening series with Winston-Salem was suspended or postponed this weekend. Now K-Tribe general manager Shari Massengill is guaranteeing that the K-Tribe will play on Tuesday night, or a lucky Tuesday night ticket holder will win $5,000 of Director of Broadcasting Chris Hemeyer’s salary.

“I’d like to personally thank Chris for volunteering to give up $5,000 of his salary to back up this game guarantee,” said Massengill. “His professionalism, experience, talent, play by play skill and boyish good looks make him an invaluable part of this organization. That being said, if we can’t get games in and revenue streams dry up, he will be the first member of the front office to be laid off. I mean, why do you need a broadcaster if we don’t have any games.”

“Given the high paying and lucrative nature of Minor League broadcaster salaries, $5,000 is only about all the money I’ll make this summer,” said a nervous Hemeyer with general manager Shari Massengill in earshot. “With soaring gas prices and my concerns for the environment, I was thinking of selling my car and getting a bike anyway. This will just speed up the process.”

Hemeyer continued to answer questions at a morning press conference, even after Massengill left the room to take a phone call.

“Unprecedented yes, but I’m sure other bosses have asked their employees to do similar things,” Hemeyer added in a nearly inaudible whisper. “But I’m sure if my great friends gathered here from the local media found out through their vast sources and unmonitored internet access that this was illegal, they would let me know immediately.”

K-Tribe fans in possession of a ticket for this Tuesday (April 8th) nights game will be entered in a drawing for Hemeyer’s money if the game is called off. If the guaranteed game is completed on Tuesday night, fans still win as every person in attendance will get a free ticket to an upcoming game in celebration of the feat.

“We thought about giving out trophies or t-shirts to fans in attendance so they could remember what will be a historic and rare completed game in 2008,” said Hemeyer. “But I found out I’d be picking up the tab on that as well.”

The Kinston Indians put their season long, undefeated, non-loss streak on the line Tuesday night against the Frederick Keys. Game time scheduled for 7pm at Historic Grainger Stadium.

Season, Flex and Single Game tickets are now on sale. Ticket prices remain unchanged for the 2008 season, with military, students and seniors reserved seats just $4 all season long. Adult reserved seat tickets are just $6. General Admission tickets are only $5. Parking is always free at Grainger Stadium. Fans can buy tickets online at , in person at the K-Tribe offices, or by calling 1-800-334-5467.