ACC Tourney Looms Large For Some Teams

The Atlantic Coast Conference basketball tournament kicks off tomorrow in Charlotte.

It's not the pressure cooker it used to be when only the winning team went on to the NCAA tournament. But it's a pretty big event this year.

Top-ranked North Carolina, seventh-ranked Duke and Clemson are
probably the only ACC teams that have a lock on the NCAA tournament
this year.

That means Miami, Virginia Tech, Maryland and others need to do well to increase their chances of making the field of 65 next week.

For the Tar Heels' Roy Williams, taking the tournament would mean three games in three days for point guard Ty Lawson, who's still has a gimpy ankle and a sore hip. It also means three straight days of banging and collisions in the paint for ACC player of the year Tyler Hansbrough.

Williams says he wants to do well, but it's important to be ready for the NCAA Tournament, too.