Fued Between Williams And Krzyzewski Just Misunderstanding

The tiff between North Carolina coach Roy Williams and Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski over injury reports was apparently just a misunderstanding. The program director at Raleigh sports talk radio station WRBZ says the station incorrectly attributed comments to Krzyzewski last month that upset Williams, who thought the comment was a jab at his injury-riddled team.

Program director Adam Gold says he was sorry the incident had reached this point.

Gold says a reliable source at Duke e-mailed him the quote after hearing the topic being discussed on the station. Audio of the interview was not immediately available, but Gold said the station learned several days later that the quote was inaccurate after hearing the audio clip.

Krzyzewski said during a conference call with reporters that he never said “unlike other schools” and said he wasn’t trying to provoke anyone when making his comments.