Congress Grills Clemens and McNamee Over Conflicting Stories

The head of a House panel that grilled Roger
Clemens and his former personal trainer today says he hasn't
"reached any conclusions." But, as another panel member put it,
"Both can't be telling the truth."
The lawmakers today heard the conflicting stories from Clemens
and Brian McNamee, who has said he injected Clemens with
performance-enhancing drugs. Clemens again denied it. Though they
sat at the same table, the two men rarely, if ever, looked at each
other during the four and a half hour hearing.
The matter may eventually be referred to the Justice Department,
and there could be criminal charges.
The panel appeared to be split along party lines, with Democrats
reserving their most pointed questions for Clemens, and the
Republicans giving McNamee a rougher time.
Democrat Elijah Cummings of Maryland told the Cy Young-award
winning pitcher, "You're one of my heroes" -- but that it's
"hard to believe" what he's saying.