Khane Runs Into Trouble At Homestead

Police are investigating an incident that took place yesterday at Homestead-Miami Speedway involving NASCAR driver Kasey Kahne.
A spokesman for Kahne says the Nextel Cup star was rushing to
his motorhome in a secure lot at the track following Friday's final
practice when he was stopped by the guard, who refused to let Kahne
through the entrance without a credential.
Kahne, who was still in his driving uniform, attempted to walk
around the guard. According to the spokesman, the two bumped and
when Kahne turned around the guard was on the ground.
Police were called and Kahne spent several minutes in handcuffs
before being released. The security guard was checked and released
at the infield medical center.
Kahne took part in today's Cup practices and will start
tomorrow's season-ending Ford 400 third in the 43-car field.