UNC Athletics Director To Step Down

There is more fallout today from the firing of UNC head football coach Butch Davis. Athletics Director Dick Baddour told reporters at a morning news conference that he will leave the university next June.

The athletics director said he is resigning to help Chancellor Holden Thorp find a new head football coach. "It is my responsibility to do what is in the best interest of the program and this is my decision," Baddour told reporters.

Baddour says he will serve out his contract with the university, but will step aside when a new athletics director comes on board.

"The chancellor and I have had conversations about staying beyond that date to help stabilize the program after the NCAA made its ruling," said Baddour. "However as someone who has hired coaches for the past 14 years, I know that it is even more imperative that my successor be able to name the next permanent head coach."

Baddour said he would interview interim candidates for the football job, but he wants his successor to play a role in hiring a new coach.

"We've had a tough year and you know as I said, nine NCAA allegations, continued questions about academics and the need to find a way to move forward, that's why we're here," said Chancellor Thorp.

Davis was fired yesterday. Thorp has said that decision was not related to any change in the NCAA investigation, but that it was the result of the cumulative damage to the University's reputation over the past year.

Baddour has been athletics director for the past 15 years.

Previous Story

A press conference is scheduled for 11 a.m. Thursday about the ouster of Butch Davis as the head football coach for the UNC Tar Heels.

UNC confirmed Wednesday that Davis was out. So far UNC Chancellor Holden Thorp has said the decision was not related to any change in the NCAA investigation, but that it was the result of the cumulative damage to the University's reputation over the past year.

Many people were shocked by the decision, nine days before preseason practice begins.

Previous Story:

The University of North Carolina confirms that Butch Davis is out as head football coach at UNC Chapel Hill.

The UNC Board of Trustees met today.

The football program has been under investigation by the NCAA. "To restore confidence in the University of North Carolina and our football program, it's time to make a change," said UNC Chancellor Holden Thorp.

UNC News Release

July 27, 2011

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. - University of North Carolina Chancellor Holden Thorp announced this evening that Butch Davis has been dismissed as head coach of the Carolina football program. Davis was informed by Thorp and Director of Athletics Dick Baddour of the decision.

"To restore confidence in the University of North Carolina and our football program, it's time to make a change," said Thorp. "What started as a purely athletic issue has begun to chip away at this University's reputation. I have been deliberate in my approach to understanding this situation fully, and I have worked to be fair to everyone involved. However, I have lost confidence in our ability to come through this without harming the way people think of this institution. Our academic integrity is paramount and we must work diligently to protect it. The only way to move forward and put this behind us is to make a change."

Thorp said the decision was not related to any change in the NCAA investigation, but that it was the result of the cumulative damage to the University's reputation over the past year.

"Athletics and football are an important part of this University, and a successful football program is essential to the overall health of our athletic program," Thorp continued. "That's why we have to put this behind us and move forward."

Baddour said, "The last 13 months have been some of the most difficult that anyone associated with the athletic department and football program have dealt with. At this time, a decision has been made to change the leadership of the football program to help the entire University community move forward.

"I want to thank Butch Davis and his family for their four-plus years of service and dedication to the University and the Chapel Hill community," continued Baddour. "My staff and I will work with Chancellor Thorp to transition to an interim head coach as soon as possible. It is critical that we do all we can to help our students and other staff members on the football team since preseason training camp begins in just eight days."

Thorp and Baddour will meet with the media on Thursday at 11:00 a.m. at the Friday Center in Chapel Hill (Redbud Room).

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  • by Pirateman on Jul 30, 2011 at 02:50 PM
    I'm going to suck it up and fess up!!!! Carolina has us beat at ECU. IN LADY'S FIELD HOCKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
  • by Pirateman on Jul 30, 2011 at 01:49 PM
    What's the first thing you hear from a UNC fan after a loss? "I can't believe we lost, we're so much better than they are." The second comment,"They didn't beat us. We beat ourselves." I love it. It is so hilarious.
    • reply
      by JC on Jul 31, 2011 at 10:49 AM in reply to Pirateman
      sounds about right!
  • by Anonymous on Jul 29, 2011 at 10:58 AM
    BE CAREFUL!!! all you ECU fans....the same thing can happened at UNC can happen anywhere..including your precious school...yuck it up now..UNC will have a better football program because of this..kids make stupid decisions and using poor judgement...I do note a hint...(oh hell!!!! a truck load of resentment) against UNC...but I do want to remind the ECU fans...What was the football score last year when you played the heels!!!!
    • reply
      by Bud on Jul 29, 2011 at 02:38 PM in reply to
      Oh bla bla Anonymous # 4,873,290. The scoreboard was elevated cause ECU imploded with turnovers and a thousand yards in penalties in the 2nd half, and the game was tied at halftime. Any UNC fan watching that game was sweating bullets. I'm wondering how you think UNC will be better after getting in trouble with the NCAA, kicking off a handful of players, and firing all their coaches and administrators for cheating? Don't they take away scholarships and vacate wins and things of that nature over violations like this? Sure sure the NCAA is "still conducting their review" of the program and haven't exactly smacked the gavel down juuuuust yet, but according to this frenzied week the writing is on the wall with that! I think you meant to say "every other football program in this state will get better recruits than UNC because of this," and I'd have to agree with you!
    • reply
      by Too Funny! on Jul 29, 2011 at 03:13 PM in reply to
      You just have to LAUGH at UNC-CHeat delusion and denial! To wit: Anonymous writes- "kids make stupid decisions and using poor judgement" (bad syntax and all). Answer me this Sherlock- is Butch Davis (fired) a "kid"? Is John Blake (fired) a "kid"? Is Dickie Baddour (resigned) a "kid"? Is the Mazda Miata driving (LOL!) Chancellor Holden Thorpe (who is under INTENSE internal fire) a "kid"? Are the UNC-CHeat BOT (also under intense fire) "kids" too. Just stop with the denial and spin. "The Carolina Way" is in ruin and being openly laughed at and your excuses are pathetic. I understand fully that "kids" make mistakes. This is NOT what is happening and you know it! This is entrenched, pervasive culture of corruption, so much so that the UNC-CHeat big-wigs have either lost their jobs or are spending many sleepless nights. Learn to live with it, there is far more to come... tick tock...
    • reply
      by Pirateman on Jul 30, 2011 at 01:44 PM in reply to
  • by Bud Location: Washington on Jul 29, 2011 at 10:57 AM
    Let's start another firestorm: Over/Under, UNC wins three games all year and none of the three are against in-state teams! Predictions? Thoughts?
    • reply
      by cw on Jul 29, 2011 at 02:44 PM in reply to Bud
      I think that despite the turmoil surrounding the school/ team the Heels will still win at least 6-7 games this season. This is of course excluding their pending defeat at Dowdy Ficklin.
  • by Anonymous on Jul 29, 2011 at 09:14 AM
    At least ECU is not a breeding ground for arrogant self-rightous brats!
  • by for BUD on Jul 29, 2011 at 06:44 AM
    Hey Bud, its Friday, I saw more UNC stickers on cars on the way to work this morning than ECU, and thats in Greenville. Not to mention all of the mailboxes and grills with UNC attire, have a great day!
    • reply
      by LOL! on Jul 29, 2011 at 07:49 AM in reply to for BUD
      So... your argument for UNC-CHeat is based upon bumper stickers??!! That is LOL weak and a total non-sequitur. I also see a lot of Hardees, Mc'D's, and Bojangles, so what EXACTLY is your point and how does it relate to this sordid affair? Other than, UNC-CHeat looks pretty to the mindless, ignorant masses? Is this your UNC-CHeat educated "logic", or are you just another band-wagon, Wal-Mart baby-blue shopping "fan". Enjoy the glory of your Tire Bowl as Cheater Hills integrity and reputation disintegrate. Better yet... it is still FAR from over.
    • reply
      by JC on Jul 29, 2011 at 10:08 AM in reply to for BUD
      all selling at a walmart near you...
    • reply
      by Did on Jul 29, 2011 at 12:00 PM in reply to for BUD
      This guy tell you that he was on his way to work at Walmart yet?
    • reply
      by Anonymous on Jul 31, 2011 at 04:10 PM in reply to for BUD
      You must live and/or work out in the sticks with the other Wal-heels. There are 10 times more ECU stickers than UNC stickers in Greenville.
  • by Pirateman on Jul 29, 2011 at 03:58 AM
    What tickles me is the fans who actually did attend (not always graduated) from UNC that live around here (and it is dozens and dozens I know), I don't know but a VERY FEW that are members of the Rams Club or even get season tickets!!! What losers! But they always have a lot of lip about "Carolina". I mean we are talking Doctors, Lawyers, Judges, business owners (the only ones successful inherited the business). I mean come on folks! You went to the vaulted "Carolina" with the alleged class and everything!! Cough up a few bucks and be a man. Almost every moderately successful Pirate fan I know is a Pirate Club Member and buys season tickets. The most common tarhole excuse I hear,"Ram's Club and season tickets cost money", DUH! That Carolina education did you good. The second sentence to their "excuse" is "And my wife won't let me." Real men those Carolina guys! LOL
  • by Robert Location: Myrtle Beach on Jul 28, 2011 at 10:31 PM
    Proud to be an honest Pirate, Happy I chose ECU over UNC for undergrad. It just feels so much better and pure.
  • by Anonymous on Jul 28, 2011 at 08:52 PM
    Wow, what a dirty, dirty program. UNC fans better pray that the NCAA doesn't turn its attention to their basketball program...
    • reply
      by Anonymous on Jul 29, 2011 at 11:02 AM in reply to
      does ecu have a basketball program??..but wait..the head is a grad of...UNC!!!!..you need a heel to apply to ecu pirates tails....
  • by Anonymous on Jul 28, 2011 at 05:47 PM
    UNC leads State 63-31-6, Duke 58-35-4, Wake 67-34-2 and ECU 10-2-1. We are not a football school but who is the best football team in North Carolina? We are States, Wakes, Dukes and ECUs biggest rival. We are honored and we will be back. Actually we are not going anywhere, you still have to play us. Folks, I am not making this stuff up, I am here until Sat., tip your waitress. Drive careful and have a nice night, LOL.
    • reply
      by UNC fan on Jul 28, 2011 at 06:05 PM in reply to
      Thank you for clearing that up. We have had a tough year and a tough day but you are right, we are the number one rival in north carolina to everybody and we will be back. We own them, hahahahaha. Lets go Tar Heels
    • reply
      by Anonymous on Jul 28, 2011 at 08:48 PM in reply to
      What's UNC's record when they actually play ECU in Greenville? Oh its 1-1. And UNC still insists on using ACC refs in every game. Disgraceful.
      • reply
        by Anonymous on Jul 29, 2011 at 06:34 AM in reply to
        still 10-2-1, whoaaaaaa!!!!!
        • reply
          by Darren on Jul 29, 2011 at 08:37 AM in reply to
          By Cheating and playing 11 of the 13 games at your own home field where the scumbags running the university have done on numerous occasions go through as many loopholes to keep as many ECU fans from buying tickets to the games! That's how that all time series is skewed, just like Barry Bond's home run record. Another thing, UNC has such sore losers for fans that the time ECU beat UNC in 1975, the UNC fans ended up being so classless that they ended up pouring liquor on the ECU football players as the football players got back into the locker room to celebrate. I have a cousin who was on that 1975 team, and he has not an ounce of respect for the entire university. 90% of the UNC fans are just uneducated morons who hop on the bandwagon and half of them probably don't know any names of any of the athletes other than the basketball players, if even that.
    • reply
      by JC on Jul 29, 2011 at 06:43 AM in reply to
      NCSU , Wake and Duke didn't offer scholarships till the late 50's they were just organized students playing. So these records your so proud of is total BS...look at the record from 1960 and later and get back to me, again beating that chest for records from the late 1800's and turn of the century is total crap.
    • reply
      by Darren on Jul 29, 2011 at 08:26 AM in reply to
      Well 2 things combine to the all time records. # 1 Cheating and # 2 Playing by far way more home games than away games against all those teams. This record of UNC's against the in state opponents is skewed and is a fraud. If this is the information you stick with and try to brag about, then you might as well go live and dwell back on the days when Abe Lincoln was president and the days when slavery was in the south.
      • reply
        by Pirateman on Jul 30, 2011 at 02:42 PM in reply to Darren
        Those were good days, bro!
    • reply
      by Bud on Jul 29, 2011 at 10:56 AM in reply to
      Wake Forest - 1 BCS bowl, UNC - Zero. How do you let Wake Forest get there before "the best team in the state" ?!
    • reply
      by SEC on Jul 30, 2011 at 05:55 AM in reply to
      Being the best college football team in NC is equivalent to winning the tallest midget contest. What have you really won??
      • reply
        by piratefan on Jul 30, 2011 at 02:16 PM in reply to SEC
        LOL!!!! Very true. I guess our teams here NC haven't mastered the art of cheating yet like your boys in the SEC. GO PIRATES!!!

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