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Dave's Raspberry Chocolate Puffs

Matt's Easy Peasy Peanut Butter Fudge

Clayton's Cheese Delight

Ariel's Ah-mazing Cake Pops

Mr. Food - Dad's Beer Marinated Steak

Mini Pecan Muffins

Cassandra Bell's Spinach Quiche

Marvin Daugherty’s Cocoa Mix

Marvin Daugherty’s Sandwich Cookie Truffles

Streusel Apple Pie Cookies

Marvin's Mom's Carrot Cake

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English Village Mourns Girls Killed in Manchester Attack

Mourners in an English village remembered two local girls, 8 and 18, who were killed by a suicide bomber after a Manchester Ariana Grande concert.

College Student, 8-Year-Old Among Bombing Victims

Ariana Grande's fans are predominantly teens and young girls, and many had gone to the venue for a night of fun that turned into a scene of carnage.

Senate Subpoenas Records from Mike Flynn's Companies

The heads of the Senate Intelligence Committee said a corporation can't invoke the Fifth Amendment.

Syrian Planes Move Back to Airfield That U.S. Bombed

The U.S. hit Shayrat Airbase with Tomahawk missiles in April after the Assad regime launched a gas attack on civilians from the airfield.

Britain Raises Threat Level to 'Critical' After Manchester Attack

British Prime Minister Theresa May announced that the terror threat level in the country had been raised to its highest level.