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Indiana Couple Busted After Cops Rescue Emaciated 12-Year-Old

An Indiana couple was arrested Tuesday two years after police removed their 'extremely emaciated' 12-year-old from their home.

Explosions Rock Istanbul Airport, Multiple Deaths Reported

A Turkish official says two explosions have rocked Istanbul's Ataturk airport, wounding multiple people.

Turkish Airport Security Hailed for Saving Many Lives

'Everything was under control,' a witness said of security forces who swiftly converged on the attackers. 'They were very polite.'

Istanbul Airport Attack Is Just Latest to Hit Turkey

The attack on the main Istanbul airport is the latest of several bombings to have hit Turkey in recent months.

Deadly Explosions Spread Panic Through Istanbul Airport

Panicked people scrambled for safety as gunfire and at least two explosions echoed through Turkey's main airport, witnesses said.