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Gary Condit Reveals What He Said to Chandra Levy's Parents

Government intern Chandra Levy disappeared in 2001 before being found murdered.

SkyWest Pilot Accused of Trying to Fly While Drunk

Police say 38-year-old Russell Duszak's blood alcohol level was above the legal limit of .04 when he was preparing to fly out of Salt Lake City.

AIDS Revelation Doesn't Take Away Stigma, Activists Say

A new report settles the debate over when AIDS came to the U.S. But survivors of the early days of the epidemic say they still must fight stigma.

Tiger Attacks Trainer as Kids on School Trip Watch

A trainer is recovering after a Bengal tiger clawed and dragged her at a fair in Pensacola, Florida.

Huge Protests Seek End of Socialist Rule in Venezuela

Venezuela's opposition stepped up its push to remove the leftist president with rallies that drew hundreds of thousands of protesters.