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Speed is everything when Putin's military is on your doorstep

Memories of the occupation during Soviet times are still fresh in Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia.

Lawsuits challenge efforts to push abstinence-only on teens

"The Trump-Pence administration is trying to impose their abstinence-only agenda on young people across the country."

Police: Backup driver in deadly autonomous crash was streaming TV show

"This crash would not have occurred if Vasquez would have been monitoring the vehicle and roadway conditions and was not distracted," a police report says.

Tom Arnold tweets pic with Michael Cohen, says he 'has all the tapes'

Arnold is hunting for 'incriminating' tapes of Trump as part of a show for Vice.

China blocks John Oliver-related content on social media

The "Last Week Tonight" host compared the Chinese president to Winnie the Pooh and slammed China;s record on human rights.