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Fighting ISIS: Makeshift ER Treats Civilians Fleeing Conflict in Mosul

Just a few miles from the front line in Mosul, Dr. Ahmed Fadil and a team of volunteers treat the victims of the battle to liberate the city.

More Than Half of Hate Crimes Aren't Reported to Police

More than half of the 250,000 hate crimes that took place each year between 2004 and 2015 went unreported to law enforcement for a variety of reasons.

Lots of Americans Prescribed Opioids, Insurance Survey Shows

More than 20 percent of commercially insured Americans got a prescription for an opioid in 2015 alone, Blue Cross and Blue Shield reports

Perjury Charge Dropped Against Ex-Trooper in Sandra Bland Case

Encinia was the only official to be charged criminally in the Bland case, and he agreed to surrender his peace officer license and not work in law enforcement.

Needle-Free Flu Patch Works as Well as a Shot

People who tried out the patch said it was not difficult or painful to use, and tests suggested it created about the same immune response as a regular flu shot.