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Graham is ‘pressing on’ with the health-care bill. Other GOP senators signal they’re moving on.

Latest GOP effort to dismantle Obamacare on the brink of failure after defections

Study links youth football to risk of later health issues

Sanders prepares to reveal 'Medicare for all' bill

Food safety after power outage

Mobile dentist office stopping at schools through Carteret County

Republican donor sues GOP for fraud over ObamaCare repeal failure

CTE Study Finds Evidence of Brain Disease in 110 Out of 111 Former NFL Players

Senate rejects proposal for 'Obamacare' repeal

Local farms, restaurants responding to growing concerns of antibiotics used in meats

‘Let Obamacare fail,’ Trump says after GOP plan collapses

McCain’s surgery will delay Senate votes on health care bill

Sabrett hot dogs, sausages & salami recalled

Insurers warn Cruz provision will 'skyrocket' premiums for sick people

McConnell reveals new health bill; will his GOP support it?

Resident & two dogs exposed to rabid raccoon

ECU departments team up using 3D printer to treat man with chronic pain

Senate GOP, White House plan final, urgent blitz to pass health-care law

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Dozens of LGBTQ People Reportedly Arrested in Azerbaijan

Fifty to 100 gay men and transgender women were arrested in Azerbaijan after raids on bars and private homes, according to activists and local media reports.

Vaccine Skeptic Message Gets Bolder

Vaccine skeptics, often called anti-vaxxers, are getting bolder with their message that vaccines are the product of a coverup by industry, government and media.

4 NCAA Basketball Coaches Charged With Taking Bribes

Four assistant coaches from NCAA basketball teams were arrested in connection with a fraud and corruption scheme, federal prosecutors announced.

Wait, How Many Nuclear Weapons Are There? And Who Has Them?

The United Nations' fourth annual International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapon comes at historic moment of brinkmanship.

Trump Admin. Will Urge Court to Rule Against Gay Workers' Rights

The Trump administration on Tuesday will urge a U.S. appeals court in Manhattan to rule that federal law does not ban discrimination against gay employees.