Golf Carts Allowed On Winterville City Streets

Usually when you see a golf cart there's a golf course nearby. But soon that's not going to be the case in Winterville.

The town doesn't have a course within city limits, but officials have decided to make it legal for people within the town to drive golf carts on town streets.

The conditions are you have to be 16 years or older, you can't be on a road with a speed limit of more than 35 mph, you can't go more than 25 mph and your golf cart must have lights, a mirror, and a special sign on the back. No license or insurance is required.

Mayor Doug Jackson says golf carts are more economical and environmentally friendly. He also says older people who don't have their license can drive one into town. "In my opinion it would be real nice, someone who wants to run to the grocery store about four blocks away they can hop in the golf cart and go, they don't have to buy $4.00 gas."

The policy goes into effect February first. Golf cart driver must pay $10.00 for a permit and sign a waiver that the town is not liable if you get in an accident.

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  • by willio Location: winterville on Jun 22, 2010 at 04:40 PM
    Way to Go Winterville. Sorry I'm not an elderly person or a flaming liberal, just someone who sees this as a quiet, clean and fun way to promote community and reduce fuel consumption. Golf cart drivers wave and say hello, something any community could use more of.
  • by They call me "Tater Salad" Location: Winterville on Jan 15, 2010 at 11:18 AM
    Just when i think ive seen it all,these "IDIOTS" come up with a new idea,Stop the madness,I wont mind following your golfcart as long as you dont mind hearing my horn until you pull over!!!!!!
  • by Audra Location: SoCal on Jan 15, 2010 at 12:03 AM
    BTW Ted... a golf cart is still a motor vehicle, and it's no more legal to drive one of those drunk than any other. In fact, you can get cited for riding a bicycle drunk too. Golf carts aren't normally a way around the applicable laws of the road. If it goes on a city rd, it still has to be street legal (just like a motor bike). That means appropriate lights, turn signals, reflectors, mirrors, brakes/parking brake, ASI windshield, seatbelts, VIN, and yes.. even reg/license/insurance. They have to obey posted min. speed, and drivers can be cited like anyone else for any violation they commit. NC has a separate category called "street allowed" w/ fewer requirements but those are not allowed on public rds except in communities like resorts that have petitioned for exemption (they top at 15mph & don't have lights, belts, etc). I'd say Winterville applied for exemption from what I'm reading (no lic./ins.) & THAT is not a good idea in my opinion, no. Btw.. who spends $4 on gas to go 4 blocks?
  • by Anonymous on Jan 14, 2010 at 04:51 PM
    First, Winterville screws up the roads with four-way stop signs, now this.
  • by Audra Location: SoCal on Jan 14, 2010 at 04:24 PM
    Maybe you just don't know because you haven't seen this much before. In Palm Springs, Palm Desert, a few other areas, it's common and normal here. It works REALLY well too. It reduces unnecessary large vehicles on the road, thus reducing some emissions we don't need to add to the air. On Catalina island, it's very common as they are only allowed a certain number of gas-powered cars total at any given time (low development mandate per Wrigley). In some areas (Palm Springs) there are wide enough lanes on the right side of the road for these carts, but no matter how it's done, as long as they stick to the roads where they can follow the postes speed regulation, trust me it's not an issue. They're limiting them to that from what I read. I wouldn't worry. Shoot, I wish I had one myself sometimes.
  • by winterville resident on Jan 14, 2010 at 04:06 PM
    to those talking about insurance. i agree that the carts should have insurance on them BUT. i can drive my lawn mower, my bike, my moped, my tractor etc. without insurance?
  • by Alice Location: Greenville on Jan 14, 2010 at 04:05 PM
    Since when do people speed in Winterville??? The roads are always clogged up with old people driving 20mph under the speed limit and mommies more worried about what is going on in the back seat than paying attention to the road. Oh and as for the golf carts you are polluting the earth with the coal that is burned to charge them and the dead batteries that are going to land fills.
  • by Anonymous on Jan 14, 2010 at 03:43 PM
    Winterville town officals need to be worring about the future of their city fire department, not old people and their golf carts.
  • by Obama Snake Oil Co on Jan 14, 2010 at 03:40 PM
    check again Ted, so..what you are saying is there is no pollution from making a bike? So, everybody should be like you....look, medical marijuana is not legal yet, I know liberals are pushing it hard, but still not legal. The stuff can soften the mind.....So, the taxes you paid at the sale of the bike paid for the road. So the $21 dollars for a $300 dollar bike took care of it all, huh? I think you own about 30 feet of the white line they paint. Reality, nice try, be carefull, too many people die on bikes, during rush hour stay off to the side. I do ride a bike for excercise, but I don't do it during rush hour or on roads that have a lot of turns. Its kept me alive many times. Remember, you are competing with SUVs with airbags.
  • by Cactus Location: Strabane on Jan 14, 2010 at 03:29 PM
    There is a city in Georgia (just south of Atl.) that has had golf carts since the founding, except the city provided golf cart paths. The carts do not use public streets except to cross at intersections. Putting a golf cart on a public street to share with autos is rather short sighted. Someone who has given up their right to drive now can operate a golf cart? That city is "Peachtree City".

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