Program Allowing Students To Buy Grade Points Shut Down

A program that involved selling test points to students at one Wayne County school has been stopped.

The program at Rosewood school in Goldsboro is to be shut down immediately, no extra credit will be given and all donations will be returned.

The News & Observer of Raleigh reported that Rosewood had come up with a novel fundraising plan after last year's chocolate sale failed to meet expectations. The school was selling 20 test points to students in exchange for a $20-dollar donation.

Here is the statement from the school system:

"WCPS Statement: Rosewood Middle Fundraiser

On Tuesday afternoon, November 10, it was brought to the attention of district administration that Susie Shepherd, Rosewood Middle School Principal, had endorsed a school fundraiser that allowed students to receive extra grade credit as an incentive for collecting donations for the school. The district was not previously aware of this fundraiser.

Wayne County Public Schools and the Wayne County Board of Education do not condone any fundraiser or practice that allows extra grade credit to be purchased.

Yesterday afternoon, the district administration met with Mrs. Shepherd and directed that the following actions be taken: (1) the fundraiser will be immediately stopped; (2) no extra grade credit will be issued that may have resulted from donations; and, (3) beginning November 12, all donations will be returned. The district will continue its investigation into this matter and additional actions will be taken if deemed necessary."

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  • by Anti-Terrorist Location: Greenville on Nov 16, 2009 at 06:42 PM
    Arielletweets - I agree with you about the need for these schools to actively seek and apply for available grant funding. The trouble is that there is no infrastructure or incentives in place for them to do it. State teachers are already underpaid. If they spent additional time getting a grant for the school how are they compensated? The top administration has to make this happen and that means the overpaid principals need to do it. The problem there is that they don't have the education to do it. I looked at the curriculum for masters degree in school administration and in most cases not one class covers applying for and managing grants and contracts.
  • by Arielletweets Location: SC on Nov 14, 2009 at 09:46 AM
    As a graduate of Rosewood High School, I am appalled and embarassed first for my school, the students, the parents and for the state. But not surprised as I have seen this before, not in Rosewood school, but in colleges who demand less of some students because they are "athletes" and "bring in more money to the colleges." Same difference. Rotten ethics. Responsible educators should have known better. The state and locals need to consider where their priorities lie...and maybe they are. What ever happened to "Bake Sales, "Washing cars," "Pancake Suppers," "Spaghetti Dinners," or "Family Photo Ops" for raising money to buy things that will enhance a classroom? Too many times money is wasted for quickly expendable items amongst students not taught to value those items. I do hope that the publicity will help them to obtain the equipment they claim to need without resorting to "college athlete class" ethics. Bill Gates funds Computer Ed. Rosewood educators could write a grant?
  • by Anti-Terrorist Location: Greenville on Nov 13, 2009 at 03:13 PM
    Model of an excellent leader? Are you kiddin? So leadership to you is making bad decisions and deciding to face the consequences. I submit that there was no other course of action for her to take because she is responsible not because she is throwing herself on a grenade someone else dropped. All funding and fund raising into the school has to pass her desk. Such low standards for leaders is what causes the messes we find this school system in in the first place.
  • by To Rosewood Parent Location: Greenville on Nov 13, 2009 at 03:06 PM
    The school gets the same funding as other state schools based on the same standard criteria. Obviously they do not administer it effectively. However I am not arguing that the state schools are funded well because they are not and it is a shame. They were doing the wrong thing for the right reasons which still makes it wrong. Every bit you are willing to compromise standards ethically to meet any good cause is opening the door to more corruption larger ethical compromises in the future. This was not good for our state school system. In the future as a concerned Rosewood Parent how about just willingly donating the $20 with no strings attached.
  • by To Rosewood Parent Location: Rosewood on Nov 13, 2009 at 02:05 PM
    Students did love her...besides, the PTO came up with the idea, she's a model of an excellent leader by taking responsibility for the program.
  • by Observer Location: Raleigh on Nov 13, 2009 at 01:58 PM
    This school is so desperate to raise money from the recent budget cuts that it had to resort to this fundraiser. Can the media please remind observers of the fact that this school system is laying off TEACHERS...there was a shortage of teachers to begin with! This school even has to fundraise for school supplies like staplers...almost nothing is provided for these students. The money raised from the fundraiser is going back into the students' education; they need technology to keep up. 10% on each of 2 exams will hardly buy you a passing grade when you're a failing student, but all of the money contributed from the students will certainly buy them educational opportunities that will LAST. Take a walk around the hallways of Rosewood Middle and then tell me that they don't need more funding. If you've got better fundraiser ideas, certainly forward them on to the school.
  • by Rosewood Parent Location: Rosewood, NC on Nov 13, 2009 at 08:44 AM
    how about this.. I dropped my son off to school this morning and they (the school officials) had 2 kids changing the sign outside to say "we love you mrs shepherd" now I just KNOW they woke up this morning and said they wanted to do this lol, wonder who put them up to it. Yesterday my son was telling me about what was going on and he said " I bet Mrs Shepherd will be ashamed to show her face in public again" and she should be. I know the schools need money but they should have offered a different incentive!! My son struggles in school and couldnt understand why when he brought the fundraiser home I denied it and told him we wouldn't be participating. I told him I refuse to pay for what he should be earning. I love the school and it's great but it is a very political school and this sent a message that if ur mommy & daddy have money ul pass. There's enough of that in this school as it is as far as status goes.
  • by schools have already sold out so why not! on Nov 12, 2009 at 06:53 PM
    hey my point was for people to decide what is more important...accountability or actual LEARNING. i cant tell you what i learned in high school. but i can tell you what i learned in college. because my professors means of life was not threatened by lesser funding. i say if a school has particularly low scores, there needs to be an investigation and maybe MORE money sent. taking money out of schools is a terrible thing to do. and its amazing to me that educators get paid the least of anyone and they do probably more work than anyone (the grading and the planning after and before hours and on weekends DO make up for the summer vacation, before anyone remarks). of course we are in a 'right to work state' (like our kids have the 'right to flunk!'). if unions didnt force everyone to vote democrat, id encourage some sort of unionization! the govt is forcing teachers to teach bubble tests, so parents, its up to you..
  • by Anti-Terrorist Location: Greenville on Nov 12, 2009 at 06:50 PM
    You folks who minimize this issue or find it acceptable are the reason public schools are in the troubled state they are currently. Paying the school system or any part of it for a better grade has always been unethical and should always remain unethical. You need to understand that this is as much to protect the child as the school and administration. Those of you that argue this as the capitalist way are clearly socialists with an ax to grind. Capitalism = the opportunity for all who are willing to work hard to ethically achieve their potential in a chosen field and to make a legal living. It stratifies the population based on that principal and it begins in school with working hard to achieve whatever measure is used whether grades or gold stars. Achieving in school does not automatically set one up for the best colleges or jobs but it significantly widens the playing field of opportunity. Nothing worse than seeing a kid suddenly realize how they limited themselves but blame others.
  • by i feel ya Location: rm on Nov 12, 2009 at 12:13 PM
    no doubt the administrator was wrong and sadly to say, it probably wasn't even her idea. The PTSO came up with the plan, but she is the head and therefore responsible. He among us who has never errored in their judgement, let him throw the first stone. Yeah....I didn't think so.

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