Keyes Among Those Arrested In Protest Over Obama's Notre Dame Speech

Former Republican presidential candidate Alan Keyes and 21 others have been arrested after they marched on the University of Notre Dame campus to protest President Barack Obama's upcoming commencement speech.

About 75 protesters gathered Friday outside the school's front gate to pray and listen to Keyes speak before about 30 of them walked onto campus. Some apparently intended to be arrested.

Police say the 22 arrested were handcuffed and taken to the St.
Joseph County Jail on trespassing charges. They were held on $250

The protesters disapprove of the president's support of abortion
rights and embryonic stem-cell research.

Notre Dame invited Obama to speak at the May 17 commencement.

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  • by Obama Snake Oil Co Location: Washington on May 11, 2009 at 01:42 PM
    Mr T, I pity the fool who go against Keyes. I had to get that out of my system. The church didn't allow the Obama to come there, it was the president of the university. It is mixed emotions. Obama didn't even attend the prayer meeting day which is another continuous slap in the face for Americans, except....the wise one and Ank. They don't seem that to continue to do this will mean a one shot election there yellow dogs. You have given new purpose to loose the catholic vote and other christian votes, you cannot win an election with just black and liberal votes. You forget that we, the blue dog democrats control the vote. Notre Dame supporters want the president of the university to resign. I think Obama should also before he does more damage along with Pelosi and Reid. Have you looked at you 401 K lately? As soon as the houses were under control of the demorats, bang.
  • by Cactus Location: Strabane on May 9, 2009 at 02:59 PM
    This is like a black church asking the grand wizard of the kkk to speak.
  • by MrT Location: LaNC on May 9, 2009 at 12:39 PM
    Keyes is all Black and much more qualified to be President than Obama ever will be. So why wouldn't the NAACP support him? Because he would tell them to get off thier sorry rears and earn a living, and not sit back and wait for a handout. Or that America owes them anything. And he has morals, something that Al and Jesse know nothing about.
  • by southergal Location: eastern nc on May 9, 2009 at 10:58 AM
    I play sides of the field when it comes to the right for a female to choose whether to have an abortion. I do not feel that abortion should be used as a method of birth control, but I do feel that if a female was raped and became pregnant because of it then she should have the right to choose to end the pregnancy or if it is a matter of life or death for the mother then they should be allowed to have the right to choose to end the pregnancy. As far as the females who goes out there and sleeps around without protection and gets pregnant then no I do not feel that they should be allowed to have an abortion.
  • by Disgusted Location: NC on May 9, 2009 at 10:51 AM
    I wholeheartedly agree with Liza, Mike , & Chris. I am white and I would gladly vote for Keyes in 2012~~ Not voting for Obama had NOTHING to do with his blackness! Keys has something called MORALS and stands on GOD's priciples! Let's vote all the CREEPS, THEIVES, & LIARS out of office nationwide in 2012!
  • by Jes Location: nc on May 9, 2009 at 07:58 AM
    To The Wise One: I think that it is blasphemy to deny God's will. God has a reason for every child-and to kill a child is, to me, telling God that he doesn't matter. I see those people as someone who finds religion when it is convenient for them.
  • by WOW Location: Bertie on May 9, 2009 at 07:24 AM
    Way to go KEYES!! You have my vote!
  • by Tad Location: Jamesville on May 9, 2009 at 06:43 AM
    Here comes the Unwise Uno, pushing her false doctrine that there is no difference between those who embrace sin and the sinful lifestyle and those who sin, acknowledge the sinfulness and confess their transgressions.
  • by The Wise One Location: NC on May 9, 2009 at 06:14 AM
    Alan Keyes 2012??? O.k. Alan Keyes for 2012 Republican nominee! haha Get ready for 7.5 more years of Obama!
  • by Ted Location: Greenville on May 9, 2009 at 06:07 AM
    He and the others were arrested for trespassing after refusing an order to leave the campus.
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