Medical Myths Unveiled

Researchers at Indiana University are tackling common medical myths that pop up around the holidays. The first myth: Do sugary foods make kids hyperactive?

The short answer is: No! Researchers say at least 12 clinical trials could not detect any behavioral difference in children who had sugar and those who didn't. Some studies looked specifically at children with ADHD and those who were sensitive to sugar.

While sugar doesn't appear to impact behavior, it doesn't mean parents shouldn't limit their children's intake. Experts say sweet foods increase the risk for cavities and obesity.

The second myth: Do you lose 40 to 45 percent of your body heat through your head?

Once again the answer is no! Researchers say any uncovered part of the body will lose heat equally, and contribute to a drop in body temperature. The head does not need special attention.

They say this myth probably stemmed from a study in which participants were put in arctic survival suits without hats, and researchers measured their heat loss.


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