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Friday, May 15, 2015

Who: Cindy Tripp
What: First Chance for White Pants
When: May 28, 6-10 p.m.
Where: Greenville Hilton
Phone: (252) 717-6505
Details: A dance party with Liquid Pleasure to benefit Methodist Home for Children

Monday, May 18, 2015

Who: Grandmaster Byung Lee, King Tiger Tae Kwon Do
What: 2015 Kukkiwon Cup hosted by King Tiger Tae Kwon Do
When: Saturday, May 30
Where: Greenville Convention Center
Phone: (252) 481-5873
King Tiger Tae Kwon Do has been given the honor of hosting the 2015 Kukkiwon Cup.
The competition is the premier event of its kind on the east coast, and will draw at least 400 competitors of all ages and belt rank to the Greenville Convention Center on Saturday, May 30.
Individuals compete in forms (poomsae) and one-on-one sparring (kyeoogi). In poomsae, competitors demonstrate fluidity of movement, iron-crisp execution and proper stances before a panel of judges. In kyeroogi, challengers demonstrate their stamina and agility while winning points by striking the torso and head of their opponent with a variety of well-placed dramatic kicks.
The Kukkiwon Cup will also feature demonstration teams, who showcase breaking forms, weapons and group poomsae, usually set to high-powered music in a blitz of action.
Grandmaster Byung Lee says he is honored to be selected to host the Kukkiwon Cup and hopes that eastern North Carolinians who have never seen tae kwon do in action will attend the event to see why it is one of the world's fastest growing sports. To enhance the event, he has established the 2015 Korean Cultural Expo, a free event for all audiences that will take place concurrently on the grounds of the Greenville Convention Center.
The Cultural Expo will feature a number of exhibits showcasing Korean history, science, economic development, tourism, sports, religion and Christian history. Many additional exhibits will be interactive, featuring Korean food, traditional games, traditional costume, movie presentations, Korean origami lessons, language and name writing, tae kwon do, and Da Do (the way of the tea ceremony, registration required).
At present, 400 competitors are expected to participate in the Kukkiwon Cup, with full details and registration available online at Spectators can purchase a $10 pass to witness the event in advance at Tickets will also be available at the door.
The Korean Cultural Expo is free and open to the public.
Kukkiwon is the World Tae Kwon Do Federation headquarters and home of the World Tae Kwon Do Academy.
Event schedule:
8:30 am Registration
9:30 am All belts compete in forms (poomsae)
12:30 pm Opening ceremony, featuring remarks by dignitaries; demonstration team competition
2:00 pm Sparring competitions: white, yellow and green belts
2:30 pm Sparring competitions: blue and red belts
3:00 pm Sparring competitions: black belts
6:00 pm Closing
Times and event order are subject to change.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Who: Dr. Clinton Faulk, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Physician
What: Stroke Month
When: Month of May
Warning signs and different screenings/events the public can take advantage of.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Who: Dr. Frederic Fladenmuller , with Terre des Langues
What: Summer Foreign Exchange Program
When: French Students: June 14-July 1 & Spanish Students: June 23-July 20
Where: any where in eastern carolina
Phone: (252) 754-2136
Details: Terre des Langues means "World of Languages."
This exchange program has its own unique connection with North Carolina,
from the Blue Ridge Mountains to the Outer Banks. Our international team
consists of teachers and professors from 3 different countries. After working
together for many years, we have started an International Language
T.L.T.L. helps to bring students from France and Spain to North Carolina. We
strive to prepare young people to live in a total immersion experience. There are
many ways to reach this goal but we believe that the family experience is the
most effective way. Thus we bring French and Spanish students to the United
States and also help American students abroad. A host family provides the ideal
setting to discover, firsthand, a different culture. It becomes a
"real-life classroom."

WITN Sunrise Bios

NAME: Heather King
TITLE: WITN News at Sunrise Anchor and Executive Producer
ALMA MATER: University of Missouri
MARRIED: Happily!
CHILDREN: Lauren, Kate and Dixie the Dog
FAVORITE TV SHOW: How I Met Your Mother
FAVORITE BAND: U2, Kelly Clarkson
FAVORITE BOOK: Impossible to pick a favorite, but one of the best recent ones is "The Glass Castle" by Jeanette Walls
FAVORITE FOOD: Homemade pizza
FAVORITE THING TO DO ON YOUR DAY OFF: Sleep in, spend time with my family, try new recipes - especially baking!
FUN FACT: I’m the youngest of four, and the shortest in my family. I am a towering 5’1” tall.

Heather King always knew she wanted to be a journalist and tell stories, but she didn't figure out the TV part of it until high school. Heather says, "don't laugh, but a few years on the Glenbard West speech team made the difference." So, she left the Chicago suburb where she grew up for the heart of the Midwest and headed to the University of Missouri.

Heather worked as a reporter and anchor at KOMU-TV, the NBC affiliate in Columbia, Missouri. The minute she felt the buzz and energy of an actual newsroom, she knew she picked the right career. Heather's reporting has been recognized by the Radio and Television News Directors Association, the Society of Professional Journalists and the Society of Environmental Journalists.

Heather is the anchor and executive producer of WITN News at Sunrise and also reports. She's been fascinated by morning news since an internship with a Chicago television station. Heather will admit she hasn't always been a morning person, but she says it's easy to wake up well before the sun when you love your job!

Getting into work early often means getting out of work early in the day. That schedule has allowed Heather to enjoy quality time with her daughter each afternoon. She is also a member of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Pitt County Corporate Board and is on the committee that plans the annual MS Walk in Greenville.

Heather and her husband Chris live in Greenville with their two daughters, and their dog, Dixie.


NAME: Jim Howard
TITLE: Meteorologist WITN News at Sunrise
ALMA MATER: Florida State University
CHILDREN: Two Stepsons
FAVORITE TV SHOW: Law and Order: Criminal Intent
FAVORITE MOVIE: Reservoir Dogs
FAVORITE SONG: "Scenes From An Italian Restaurant" by Billy Joel
FAVORITE BOOK: "Isaac's Storm" by Erik Larson
FAVORITE FOOD: Michaelangelos Pizza in Greenville
FAVORITE THING TO DO ON YOUR DAY OFF: Toss up between working in the yard and sleeping
FUN FACT: I've skydived over 40 times. I've got an irrational fear of wasps.
IF YOU WERE STRANDED ON A DESERTED ISLAND AND COULD ONLY TAKE ONE ITEM WITH YOU, WHAT WOULD IT BE?: Computer with satellite internet connection...I could learn survival skills off the internet.

"There's gonna be weather, whether or not."

These were the words Jim Howard's grandfather would tell him every time Jim would start talking about approaching snow. Growing up in Poughkeepsie, New York allowed Jim many opportunities to bug his family about the snow. Now, living in North Carolina allows him to bug them about hurricanes as well!

Jim's road to Eastern Carolina went from a childhood in upstate New York to his adolescence in South Florida. Looking out the airplane window his first time flying into West Palm Beach, Jim turned to his mom and said "look, there's snow on the ground!" Jim says she gave him a funny smile. The smile turned into a laugh when they stepped off the plane and Jim realized that the "snow" was sand, and the air felt like a furnace! This is just one of many experiences that fueled Jim's desire to learn more about the earth's atmosphere.

Jim's passion for weather took him to Florida State University, where he received a Bachelor's degree in Meteorology. Within a week, he secured his first job, as the morning meteorologist for a Panama City, Florida television station. Although he was very excited about his first job, he quickly discovered one big problem. He would have to readjust his alarm clock from 10 a.m. to 2 a.m. Strong coffee and cold showers became a regular part of his morning!

Jim says he was a fully transformed "morning person" when offered the opportunity to work as the meteorologist on WITN-7 News at Sunrise in 2001. With family in both New York and Florida, Eastern Carolina has proved to be the perfect location for Jim. He says being a part of WITN-7 News at Sunrise has been rewarding beyond his expectations. The people of Eastern Carolina are as kind and generous as any he's every met, and the variety of weather keeps him on his toes! From snow and hurricanes, to severe thunderstorms and flooding threats, Jim says there's one thing that can be definitely said about our climate:

"There's gonna be weather, whether or not!"

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WITN Scam Alert

New Bern Police warn of scam

Posted: 05/04/2015 - New Bern Police say scammers are threatening to shut off power for some in Craven County.

Scam alert

Posted: 04/16/2015 - One of our viewers wants to warn others about a possible scam out there.

SCAM ALERT: Fake detectives fishing for cash

Posted: 03/03/2015 - If you heard the FBI or some out-of-state police detective wanted to talk to you about a complaint, you would likely want to clear things up right? That is just what some scammers are hoping for as they dial numbers. Before they dial yours, read more about today's scam alert.

SCAM ALERT: Cell phone held for ransom

Updated: 02/13/2015 - Many of us are addicted to our smart phones now. So imagine your screen locking up, saying you violated some federal law. You would probably take it seriously- and that is just what scammers want!

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