Pitt County Officer Reportedly Shoots Pit Bull After Attack

A local police officer reportedly shot a pit bull dead after it tried to attack him and had already bitten a neighbor so hard, the bite broke the skin.

That's according to the Times-Leader Newspaper, which reports a Grifton police officer shot the pit bull Sunday.

The officer responded after the dog bit Madeline Barrow of Buckleberry Circle. The newspaper says the responding officer was talking to another neighbor, who called the dog, and as the officer backed away, the dog jumped on the officer's leg.

The times-leader says the dog died.

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  • by Pam Location: Greenville on Dec 8, 2011 at 04:47 AM
    I remember 20 years ago when I was 7 my sister and I got chased by a pitbull who broke his chain. I don't think I have ever felt so scared in my life. I was on foot and ran through houses while my sister sped her bike down the street. I turned to see if it was behind me because it had stopped barking.....it had my sister by the leg and was dragging her (with bike between her legs) by her leg near her ankle. I rushed home to get my dad. When we got back the dog's owner had heard the screams and got his dog and taken it inside and was with my sister, holding a towel on her bloody leg. When Pitt County Sheriff deputy arrived her spoke with the man. The man felt very bad and said he saw we had not bothered his dog and his dog was aggressive to children and apologized. I later watched my sister get taken to the hospital for shots and stitches. Then I watched that deputy shoot the pitbull in the owners front yard....it had never had it's shots and just attacked a 9 year old girl that posed no threat. I had never felt so safe in my life until or since that day by this sheriffs dept. It could have been so much worst, she now has about a 5 inch scar across her leg and we have both since grown to love dogs....even pitbulls. But on that day the sheriff was right as he was on this day.
  • by pit bull owner Location: new bern on Dec 1, 2011 at 06:16 PM
    You know I'm so tired of hearing about pit bulls an other dogs considered aggressive by ignorant people. I'm also a emt. An yet to have carried a dog bite by a pit bull. He'll it won't long ago I carried a kid that had been malued by a great Dane. All animals have teeth an you need to respect that an keep that in the back of your minds. My pit bull has never shwon aggression to anyone. Loves everyone she meets my little dog will eat you up an my pit is just so loving. Its all in how you raise the dog.
    • reply
      by SoManyMike on Dec 1, 2011 at 08:11 PM in reply to pit bull owner
      What is so hard to understand about this: If you mistreat a poodle, you have an annoying, yappy little dog. If you mistreat a Lab, you have an aggressive, snappy, potentially harmful dog. If you mistreat a Pit you end up in the news with a mauled grandmother or child. I know all dogs can and do bite. I know that dogs can be raised to behave in a particular way. I do not want to see your Pit put to sleep or anything like that. I want the idiots that are raising these animals in a responsible way to be regulated in some way, before they make the 6:00 news. I know we have gotten off the subject of this particular story but these dogs are a problem, Not all of them, but enough of them that EVERYONE (Pit owners included) should want to see something done.
  • by Anonymous on Dec 1, 2011 at 10:06 AM
    punish the deed, not the breed. Dogs, no matter what breed, are what we make them. I trust my pit bull more then I trust some of these small dogs that bite just because they are trained that way. People think its cute, its not and, it wont be cute if I call animal control when chico the chiuaua bites me for no reason.
  • by PB MOM on Dec 1, 2011 at 03:10 AM
    completely sick to my stomach with all the negative comments and the tacky low budget horror movie type font used to headline this story. I've worked in the medical field for a "few" years now and seen a few dog bites, guess what, I've never seen anybody bitten by a Pit Bull, it's always a different breed of dog every time. NEVER have I seen any of those cases make headline news or any news at all for that matter. Dog bites happen, it is a FACT that no one breed attacks any more than the other. Wake up people the media hypes up Pit Bull attacks because of the stigma behind the breed. Seriously get a clue. I'm at a loss by some of the ignorance I see on here. Yes I have a Pit Bull, yes she is sweet and kind and never harmed a soul. Yes I keep her in a pen but guess what I keep her in a pen for her safety not yours, obviously I need too. For those of you that say you kill every Pit Bull you see on the spot attacking or not etc etc...well I'll pray for you I guess, cause you truly are the monster we should all be afraid of. For those of you that support Breed Bans know this, these laws reach wider than Pits, many other breeds have been included in these bans such as Boxers, Huskies, and German Sheppherd's because of their size and bite strength, let it happen if you wish and before long all large breed dogs will be banned and destroyed. Especially once the Pits are gone and you see that doesn't solve a thing, then it'll be on to attack a new breed. I heard a few people have been attacked by bears, should we exterminate them too, and what about all those pesky deers causing fatal car crashes, oh yeah and what about all those ruthless thug wanna be people hurting other people I mean while we're at it I think every living thing should line up and we can set off a nuclear bomb and just kill ourselves and all the animals THEN there would be so much less violence in the world. Are ya happy now?
    • reply
      by Me on Dec 1, 2011 at 08:30 AM in reply to PB MOM
      I agree with your comment. I have a rottweiller and everyone that sees her is very scared of her. She would not hurt a flea and is a lap dog. I think it is not the breed it is the ignorant people who own them. Any dog can be trained to be an attack dog! Grow up people.
  • by Anomoymous Location: pitt on Nov 30, 2011 at 06:45 PM
    the only reason for any dog to hurt anyone is for one the way it is brought up or two someone provecked that dog! he shouldnt of killed hi,
    • reply
      by Thug Life on Nov 30, 2011 at 07:37 PM in reply to Anomoymous
      That sounds exactly like some of the stories about thugs WITN has been covering....the way they were brought up.
  • by Anomoymous Location: pitt on Nov 30, 2011 at 06:45 PM
    the only reason for any dog to hurt anyone is for one the way it is brought up or two someone provecked that dog! he shouldnt of killed him
  • by Anonymous Location: pitt on Nov 30, 2011 at 04:53 PM
    neither do pits
  • by Anonymous on Nov 30, 2011 at 04:41 PM
    Strange it is. There are more commits on a dog than on a little girl being thrown in the river by her father. Also more on the dog than voter ID. The dog was wrong and paid the price. Get a serious life please.
  • by SoManyMike on Nov 30, 2011 at 04:07 PM
    The links I tried to post did not make it so please Google "Dog bite stats". After that, come back and defend your Pit's with some actual facts. Nobody cares that you love your dog and he is sweet. What we care about is that he is capable of, and predisposed to, inflicting serious injury on innocent people....often kids. Those stats are not based on emotion or anything besides facts. Cold, hard facts. Accept the facts and do something responsible.
    • reply
      by smarterthanSOLESSMIKE on Dec 1, 2011 at 01:21 PM in reply to SoManyMike
      yea i googled that and there were no TRUE statistic's that pit bulls bite more than any other breed. All the stats on those independent web sites, were completely skewed. You speak of facts like you stated many actual facts, when in actuality you did not mention 1 true fact. You say that pit bulls are predisposed to inflicting injury on innocent people and often kids??? Where are you getting this BS! Every dog has the potential to bite someone. You want actual facts. Ok, if your dumb enough to go into someone else's yard who has a dog that is not on a chain or fenced in then you have no business in that yard. If this had been a lab or retriever then no one would have called the cops in the first place. You should call ANIMAL CONTROL. Thats their job, and they don't just go shooting dogs on a whim. The article states that dog was not biting the the neighbor when cop came on the scene. I bet he saw a big mean dog and got scared, so he shot him. If they would have called ANIMAL CONTROL, they would have handled this in a professional way. Cops are not trained to enforce dogs. You think you are so smart and witty but really your just ignorant. Another fact, all dogs are animals, they are all predisposed to the same environments, once they are raised a certain way they act according to how they were brought up. You treat the dog like a baby he comes out sweet, if you neglect and mistreat a dog it comes out vicious and territorial.
      • reply
        by SoManyMike on Dec 1, 2011 at 04:31 PM in reply to smarterthanSOLESSMIKE
        Just so I understand what you are trying to say, tell me if this is correct: 1. All dogs start out with the same temperament (predisposition to violence, etc.) 2. There is a conspiracy to perpetuate the myth that Pit's are violent and capable of seriously injuring or even killing people, this conspiracy includes the media and all statistical reporting websites that aren't specifically designed to defend Pit's. 3. The officer should not have shot this dog, which according to the story was attacking him. For the record, I don't think they should be banned or anything like that. I think there should be some regulation so that irresponsible people are not allowed to own them.
      • reply
        by SoManyMike on Dec 1, 2011 at 08:04 PM in reply to smarterthanSOLESSMIKE
        to smarterthanSOLESSMIKE: I did not request that your comment be deleted. It does not bother me that you called me ignorant, stupid etc., I'm a big boy and I can take it. I was actually kind of interested in a discussion that might shed some light on both sides of the story. I kind of understand why the responsible Pit owners are upset by the bad publicity, it just bothers me that none of the Pro pit crowd will admit the need to offset the violent predisposition with a careful upbringing. It would seem to me that you all would want to give pit's a good name by discouraging the losers from owning them. This can be done with regulation. A Pit is kind of like a gun. To say that a gun doesn't hurt people just sounds stupid. But to promote responsible use of guns works in everyone's favor. Promote responsible ownership, acknowledge the issues INHERENT to Pit's, and address them in a mature, responsible manner. When you guys say that Pit's present the same threat as a poodle or a lab, well, that's like comparing an assault rifle to a BB gun. Sure more people are shot with BB guns, and of-course, under the right circumstances a BB gun can kill you, but do they really present the same threat to society?
  • by sharon Location: gvlle on Nov 30, 2011 at 03:35 PM
    Pit Bulls gives themselves a bad name!! and the people that feeds them..this is not the first story.

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