NC Senators React To Health Care Debate On Capitol Hill

Both North Carolina Senator's took to the floor of the US Senate to debate their feelings on Health Care Reform.

Senator Kay Hagan said in a statement Saturday, "We are now ready to debate on the Senate floor a pro-patient, pro-consumer bill that strengthens the current system,” Hagan said.

“It protects Medicare and expands prescription coverage for our seniors. Individuals and employers who like their health insurance and doctors will keep them, " Hagan continued.

Senator Richard Burr took to the senate floor debated the opposing position.

He said in part, "this is not a health care bill. This is a layaway plan. In fact, what we've been presented is a plan where they are asking Americans to pay in for four years before they get their product."

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  • by Dan Location: Hickory on Mar 20, 2010 at 12:09 PM
    If this health program passes, I will never cast a vote for another Dem. every! Every program the goverment get into, increases 10 fold. And look how they have take money out of social security over 2 tril. dollars. (an they say its broke) Come Nov. you will be seeing some new faces in government.
  • by Cowboy Location: NC on Dec 21, 2009 at 09:28 AM
    "One senator voted yes and the other voted no. Why all the ruckus? There must be some balance in our state." . Really? . Limited Government and individual liberty guaranteed by the US Constitution must be "balanced" by unconstitutional Congressional acts?
  • by Cowboy Location: NC on Dec 21, 2009 at 07:47 AM
    We need a NC Constitutional amendment to nullify Obamacare in NC...
  • by Obama Snake Oil Co Location: Washington on Nov 24, 2009 at 07:26 AM
    Wow, I would rather they clean up what we have than reinvent healthcare. No tort reform, bringing in people on the plan that don't want it, free access to illegal aliens, paying for abortions, this is not what people wanted, its what is being shoved at them. Since I know several Canadians, its not the rosey system people think it is. That is why the imigrated to the US. When I asked them about how good or bad it was, the answer is good, when they can get around to it. It is a waiting list plan. If you want to fix out plan, allow across state line competition, tort reform, limit awards, tax break to cover out of pocket and monthly costs, make hospitols non profit, there are a lot of opportunities rather than to spend 1 trillion dollar, available.
  • by Wow Location: Greenville on Nov 23, 2009 at 08:49 PM
    I'm very sorry to hear about your grandmother, and I hope that she has a full recovery. I agree that the current bill is too complex and is basically a 1 trillion dollar handout to insurance companies. Maybe we should be happy that they are trying to do something, but honestly, tying health insurance to profit doesn't work. The current bill in the Senate / House Bill does not = Canadacare. Canada has a universal health insurance system, with little differences for each province. Besides, you are beating a dead horse by claiming that healthcare in Canada sucks. The overwhelming majority of Canadians are quite happy with their system, and while they know that the system is not perfect, they and other countries look at the USA and shake their heads at how our system (doesn't) work and how selfish we are.
  • by Obama Snake Oil Co Location: Washington on Nov 23, 2009 at 01:31 PM
    Wow, she had a broken Femur bone, from a fall at home. She used medicare since she can use any military base, except for an emergency. The closest base doesn't have an emergency room. Coast Guard Base.... The point being is this is going to be the new healthcare that democrats are trying to pass before its even read or understood. It will equal a Canadacare system. The only difference, she doesn't pay and I will pay through the nose for lousy service.
  • by Wow Location: Greenville on Nov 23, 2009 at 12:40 PM
    Snake Oil, what in the world does your grandma having Medicare have anything AT ALL to do with waiting for 6 hours to see a doctor at the hospital? Sometimes it takes longer, depending on what is going on! What insurance you have doesn't even factor into the equation for how long you wait, only the urgency of your condition or how many other people that are waiting controls that. She should be thankful she has Medicare, at least she was seen and cared for and doesn't have a bill she can't pay! I would advise her to visit her GP next time if she doesn't want to wait - unless it is truly an emergency!
  • by Holy Cow Location: NC on Nov 23, 2009 at 10:01 AM
    Someone help me here. Did you guys know that people here in NC who have held public offices in the Congress, Senate, etc. do NOT get Social Security when they get old enough? There is so sort of special "account" for them to have health insurance at a very reduced price. Holy cow, I wish I could think of the name of it right now. I bet it is in all states. That's why "they" don't give a rats behind about Medicare or the rest of the middle class. Just tax us to death......What are we going to do? Pay our taxes and let the young, stupid college kids (you know who you are) vote people like Hegan and Obama in office.
  • by Obama Snake Oil Co Location: Washington on Nov 23, 2009 at 07:49 AM
    Uncle Buck, even my democrat mother, 78 years old told me she would not vote for "that man" again. Why, she went to the hospitol and waited 6 hours to see a doctor. Isn't medicare wonderfull? This is what her party wants us to have but we also have to pay for it. Granny isn't happy, nobody is happy! Her words "Obama is the new Jimmy Carter".
  • by Uncle Buck Location: ENC on Nov 23, 2009 at 06:56 AM
    If you want to see the health care proposal fail tell everyone that people getting welfare, work first, free cell phones, free health care, free housing that they will have to pay a percentage of their "Hard gained free money" for health care insurance.

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