The Inauguration Of Barack Obama

It's on to the inaugural balls for President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama.

The dancing caps a historic day in which Obama became America's first black president during a swearing-in and parade attended by more than a million people.

Earlier in the day Obama took power as the nation's first black president with a call for a "new era of responsibility" in America.

With a crowd of more than a million people stretching down the National Mall before him, Obama said in the middle of an economic crisis, the time for standing pat, protecting narrow interests and "putting off unpleasant decisions" has passed.

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Barack Obama has taken the oath of office as the 44th president of the United States.

With a hand on Abraham Lincoln's inaugural bible, and before a crowd stretching across the National Mall toward where Martin Luther King Jr. spoke of his dream of racial equality, the 47-year-old Obama was sworn in as the first black American president by Chief Justice John Roberts.

Roberts told him, "Congratulations, Mr. President."

Obama's wife, Michelle, and young daughters Sasha and Malia looked on. They were joined by people from around the world who gathered in huge numbers in the early morning Washington cold to see history made.

NBC News' special inauguration coverage continues through 4:00 p.m.

CLICK HERE for WITN’s special inauguration section.

CLICK HERE to check out a local teenager's blog from D.C.

The temperature at noon in Washington D.C. is expected to be around 18 degrees.

During the special inaugural coverage, WITN will bring you updates and coverage of the snow storm impacting Eastern Carolina. Watch the bottom of your screen on WITN-TV for closings and delays, as well as on

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  • by Kathy Location: Goldsboro,N.C. on Feb 1, 2009 at 07:21 AM
    Troy you want the ones who don't like or trust Obama to walk away and not say anything.... Well .... Why didn't they or you do the samething when President Bush was in office? Different standards for different people! I think not! Whats good for one is good for the other! One of the the first things Obama did was to make it easier to murder more babies,That sounds like a great President doesn't it!Someone we can trust and be proud of ! What a sad, sad thing to be proud of! I pray the next 4 years will pass quickly. More murdered children and NO terriost protection. WE all need to pray for our country. What a pityful time this is! All people care about is getting money and not working for it! It's called being sorry and lazy! The Bible saids if you don't work you don't eat! Everyone needs to pray for our country because we need it!
  • by Coach M Location: RMT on Jan 27, 2009 at 03:26 AM
    Tad: Are you a moderator at WITN as 2 very well stated comments have failed to post...LOL
  • by Coach M Location: Rocky Mount on Jan 26, 2009 at 11:12 PM
    Tad: My first post didn't make it so I'll try again. I've been in situations where my friends stood up for and with me against 'someome they identified with through a shared culture' as you put it. I also have had family that left me high and dry in similar situations. I am sorry if you have had people in your life that you thought were your friends and turned their back on you. I have had that happen before but that is a part of life. To say that ALL people of the opposite race will leave you out to dry when other people of their culture are involved is false, PERIOD. Maybe it is your own racist feeling that prevent people of opposite race from feeling that they can trust you.
  • by Troy on Jan 26, 2009 at 09:30 AM
    At the risk of sounding like one of the mindless sheep who ever that might be. I would like it to be known that not you or I have a clue of what lays ahead in life. I think we have all had enough of you stories about how Obama will fail our country. I can not help but see your smile as you type your comments. "WE THE PEOPLE HAVE WAY MORE TO FEAR FROM YOU THAN FROM OBAMA" If you don't like Obama just turn your back and walk away it is as simple as that.
  • by Keith on Jan 26, 2009 at 07:54 AM
    I realize that not all Republicans voted for McCain just as not all Democrats voted for Obama and I have no problem with that. The only thing that mattered to me was getting the most qualified person for the job in the Whitehouse and "WE THE PEOPLE" did that with an overwhelming victory.
  • by Blog Refuter Location: NC on Jan 26, 2009 at 07:26 AM
    That's true, Coach M.
  • by Tad Location: Jamesville on Jan 26, 2009 at 07:09 AM
    No thanks refluter, you and coach m go ahead. I know what awaits all the mindless sheep at the end of the "feel good" rainbow. I think I'll pass. I like thinking for myself and accepting the facts whether I like them or not.
  • by Sky on Jan 26, 2009 at 06:01 AM
    Caoch M, You have posted two outstanding comments. It is good to see some that think the responsibility of punishment is best left in the hands of a professional. I fail to understand why people think it is alright to deliberate, systematic, or wanton inflict physical or mental suffering by one or more persons in an attempt to force another person to yield information or to make a confession or for any other reason. If we want to be set above people that commit crimes against mankind then we must refrain from torture or expect the same in return.
  • by Caoch M Location: Rocky Mount on Jan 25, 2009 at 09:04 PM
    Mr T: I have mostly Black workers at my job as well and do not hear them boasting about anything. Maybe the people at your job know you are a racist and just do this to get under your skin. Just a thought. Keith, Sky and Blog: I am a republican and voted for President Obama. Not all republicans voted for McCain just as not all Dems voted for Obama.
  • by Coach M Location: Rocky Mount on Jan 25, 2009 at 08:41 PM
    Marine: I agree that I would want to torture them, even if it was not my family that they had done those things to. I think they should show the 9/11 attacks every day so that people do not forget what THEY did. I also know that I would want to post the bail for someone that had killed, raped or harmed in any way one of my family. Just so I could have a not so heart to heart with them. I am a firm believer that the USA has been blessed with being the greatest country in the world. God has givin US this power and with power comes responsibility. Every ounce of your morals are tested when something such as this happens. I didn't say I would stand strong and do the right thing but I would hope that cooler heads would prevail around me if I were too close to the situation. I am very well aware of what I would want to do to the people responsible and what I wanted to do to those responsible for 9/11. But I will say again, we have to be different from them or we are no better.

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