Hagan Sues Dole Over TV Ad

Senate candidate Kay Hagan has sued incumbent Elizabeth Dole for refusing to take down TV ad.

Hagan was in Greenville Thursday and denounced the so-called "Godless" ad that's been running on television stations this week.

Hagan filed a lawsuit Thursday in Wake County Superior Court after Dole declined to remove the ad from the air.

Released this week, Dole's ad questions why Hagan went to a fundraiser at the home of a man who serves as an adviser to the Godless Americans Political Action Committee.

Dole's ad ends by showing a picture of Hagan while another woman
declares in the background, "There is no God!"

Hagan herself began running an ad that forcefully tells voters she believes in God and cites the Bible's 9th Commandment to decry her rival's tactics.

Hagan took to the airwaves Thursday with the ad, which directly declares that her Christian faith guides her life.

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  • by Go Bama!! Location: williamston on Nov 4, 2008 at 07:30 AM
    Liz from Kinston sounds just about the most sane person on here. And I am a democrat-but you just have to listen to what the people are saying and what she said means alot...I also pray the whomever win, will do the very best they can for America..forget all the blah blah blah they are talking now to get TO the white house, the real thing will come out after gettin IN the White House. I pray the Lord allows the better one to get in and keep them safe their entire term..Be Blessed
  • by Al Greene Co on Nov 4, 2008 at 01:18 AM
    Hey Obama 4prez08,I know how you feel but usually it is the moderator for the democrats here > I guess they are finally trying to to the Fair balance act like they should have all along! I feel if they dont want to here the truth about how some people want to say on here and as long as it is not INFLAMING OR OFFENSIVEthey should post it! I think they go tooo far with the moderator title ,it is more like censorship and that leads to total control of what we are allowed to see! Also if you don't like the presidential candidate it is not fair to show one sided results all the time .Be fair and balanced who ever is winning show the facts not what one moderators opinion nor they want ! Just the facts mam!
  • by Obama 08 4 Prez! on Nov 3, 2008 at 05:50 PM
    Well I see following the rules must not be the only criteria since I've been trying to post since yesterday after 6pm......must be republican moderator week at WITN!
  • by love g Location: nc on Nov 3, 2008 at 05:05 PM
    I am not a bible thumping fanatic about my faith but I very much believe there is God and He is good and because of Him, I try to do what is right. I fail sometimes because I am not perfect. I will not attend a ceremony sanctioning witchcraft just as I will not attend an atheist meeting because I know I have no business there. It doesn't fit into my beliefs. I respect all religions but for an atheist group to require equality to "other religions" is ridiculous as I heard on the FM station this AM. An atheist is someone who believes that there is no greater being than oneself. Now that is elitist to me. To live on this earth and see the miracle of birth and death and everything in between everyday and believe there is nothing greater than yourself is arrogant to me. I can't fathom it. Religion is when you believe there is God, Allah or some greater power than yourself. You are humble and thankful to something, someone greater. The ad shows Hagen's judgement issues.
  • by Dwayne Location: Greenville on Nov 3, 2008 at 08:36 AM
    To obama084prez: Out of the Bible: Children are a heritage unto the Lord and the fruit of the womb is His reward. That's what God thinks about each of those children. So do I. Prolife. McCain/Palin 08
  • by T Location: Washington on Nov 3, 2008 at 07:22 AM
    A true Christian would never willingly fraternise with such people or vice versa.
  • by Obama 08 4 Prez! Location: on the winning side on Nov 2, 2008 at 03:04 PM
    I like Kay..but you have to be tough skinned to be in politics. It's a dirty game, and you know the rules when you start to play. I love the name calling...when someone results to that...it means you're desperate and running out of ammunition. And I know I've posted it before, but for all the pro-lifers....http://www.chsnc.org/a_press/2007/press-NAAM.html.....12,000 kids to save.... How did these babies get past you guys? They didn't get aborted and they are waiting for good homes! Don't they matter?
  • by Susan Location: Bridgeton on Nov 1, 2008 at 08:51 PM
    And her Christian faith guides her to support anyone who doesn't want their baby to just "choose" to kill the child since they don't want it? I don't think so.
  • by To Joe, fyi, Greg, and the rest on Nov 1, 2008 at 06:27 PM
    I just read thru all these comments tonight. WOW - For so many folks around here so "involved" in their churches & so "religious" .....it simply amazes me the amount of judgement going on here! "He who casts the first stone..." I may or may not agree with the Atheist group of people Kay Hagan met. It's not my job to say. I believe, however, when someone is being nominated to any elected position - they are being elected to see to/hear/help or such..... all the people. Seems a lot of you folks think an elected official is NOT to be there for everyone. So, if they decide not to support hunters, FFA & 4-H, Church groups (you could be the 'wrong religion' for them) Cub Scouts, PTA .....that's ok? They don't need to listen to everyone??? They can ignore some parties? Choose one group over another? I didn't see any of these EXTREMELY judgemental comments signed by God. I was taught only He had the right to judge.
  • by Joe Location: Kinston on Nov 1, 2008 at 11:59 AM
    Right on Jonathan I am going to delete this bias liberal censured T.V station from my computer from now on it's Fox news.

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