Palin Smiles As 'SNL' Mocks Her Anew

After watching "Saturday Night Live" make fun of her from afar, Sarah Palin witnessed it first hand this week as Tina Fey engaged in fiction by depicting her at the news conference the Republican vice presidential nominee has yet to hold.

(AP Photo/Chris Carlson)

After watching "Saturday Night Live" make fun of her from afar, Sarah Palin witnessed it first hand this week as Tina Fey engaged in fiction by depicting her at the news conference the Republican vice presidential nominee has yet to hold.

Later, Palin came on stage during the Weekend Update mock news segment and bobbed to the beat as cast member Amy Poehler performed a rap song the Alaska governor decided was too hardcore for her to perform personally.

"I'm Jeremiah Wright 'cuz I'm the preacher; I got a bookish look and you're all hot for teacher," Poehler rapped as actors dressed as Eskimos, Palin's husband, Todd, and a caribou pranced across the stage.

The appearance was anticipated since September, when Fey began portraying Palin just after GOP presidential nominee John McCain selected the little-known governor as his running mate. The two look alike, and Palin remarked that people often told her — before Fey started portraying her — that she resembled the actor.

In the show's opening, Fey's impersonation of Palin told a group of reporters, "First off, I just want to say how excited I am to be in front of both the liberal elite media as well as the liberal regular media. I am looking forward to a portion of your questions."

Moments later, the camera cut away to the real Palin watching a television monitor alongside the show's executive producer, Lorne Michaels.

"You know, Lorne, I just don't think it's a realistic depiction of the way my press conferences would have gone," Palin said. She said she wished he would have let her do a sketch about "30 Rock," the NBC program in which Fey now stars. That prompted Michaels to deadpan: "Honestly not enough people know that show."

Palin then stood mute as Fey's "30 Rock" co-star, Alec Baldwin came onto the stage, mistook Palin for Fey and pleaded with Michaels not to let the actor go onstage with the governor.

"This is the most important election in our nation's history and you want her, our Tina, to go out there and stand with that horrible woman?" Baldwin said.

When Michaels broke down and introduced him to Palin, Baldwin feigned embarrassment and replied, "I see. Forgive me. I feel I must say this: You are way hotter in person."

Palin got even by saying, "Thank you, and I must say, your brother Stephen is my favorite Baldwin brother."

The camera soon cut back to Fey who answered a question about the polls.

"I don't worry about the polls. Polls are just a fancy way of systematically predicting what's going to happen. The only poll I care about is the North Pole, and that ... is ... melting. It's not great."

The real Palin then walked onto the news conference set, sending Fey fleeing.

"Thank you, thank you," the governor said to applause from the studio audience. "No, I'm not going to take any of your questions, but I do wanted to take this opportunity to say, `Live from New York, it's Saturday Night.'"

It was not immediately clear if McCain, overnighting in Ohio, watched the show, but earlier in the day he told a crowd in Woodbridge, Va., that he thought Fey and Palin were "separated at birth."

Speaking of his running mate, he added, "I know she'll do a great job."

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  • by mamma for obama on Oct 22, 2008 at 12:10 AM
    Palin and McCain are resorting to last ditch minute lies and throwing out socialism and anything to use a scare tactic. America was hoodwinked at one time, and lied to constantly for 8 years. I never voted republican, and I can't stand being categorized as liberal. I am for life, but that is personal. I am for HONESTY, Truth, a better democratic government. I am for a better future for our country, our children. VOTE OBAMA BIDEN and get out early!!! Call for a ride...we all can help!!!
  • by Unreal Location: Jacksonville on Oct 21, 2008 at 07:48 PM
    Leslie, your negativity towards Sarah Palin is unreal considering you "don't want to know any more about her political career." Like Red State said, "Ignorance will vote in record numbers this election." I guess you plan to join them.
  • by voter Location: nc on Oct 21, 2008 at 04:52 PM
    It is funny how the dems are so threatened by Sarah and Joe the Plumber that they resort to Chicago Gangster-style tactics. Repubs must be doing something right. If those 2 weren't any threat they wouldn't be getting so much individualized attention. Even poor Joe's library dues when he was a child was researched! It's actually rather pitiful that the dems are that desperate.
  • by Ron Location: Merritt on Oct 21, 2008 at 02:19 PM
    To Red State: you are one sharp cookie!! Sarah Palin is so much better in all ways than Biden or even Obama, and the left knows it! That is why they are trying so hard to destroy her. They are so afraid of her that they are wetting themselves! If the entire House of Representatives and Senate were comprised of Sarah Palin types This country would be very much as our Founding Fathers envisioned, instead of the socialist-leaning mess that the Democrats have foisted upon us.
  • by Ron Location: Washington on Oct 21, 2008 at 02:02 PM
    Red State, I heard that interview. It is one of the most hilarious things that I have ever heard, it was also one of the saddest. However, there is one policy of Obama's that they all know about and that is the "wealth redistribution" policy. You can bet your last dollar they understand that one better than any. The lines are already forming.
  • by So SAD Location: Greenville on Oct 21, 2008 at 01:38 PM
  • by Red State Location: Washington co. on Oct 21, 2008 at 12:55 PM
    Did anyone hear on Howard Stern where they interviewed Harlem voters and asked them why they were voting for Obama? They all said they agreed with his policies. Only problem is that the interviewer applied all of McCain's policies to Obama and asked them if they agreed with it. Pro life, keep the troops in Iraq, Sarah Palin as VP... and they all said yes - they agreed. Ignorance will vote in record numbers this election.
  • by Ron Location: Washington on Oct 21, 2008 at 11:51 AM
    True is exactly right. Obama is a smooth talker. If the people that actually pay taxes would listen to what he is saying they would not even consider voting for him. The christians that vote for him are just pretenders and hypocrits. IMO, he is getting support because it is the hip thing to do and as we all know Americans cannot think for themselves anymore. Obama is the pied piper and everyone is following him like little rats.
  • by Dwayne Location: Greenville on Oct 21, 2008 at 10:21 AM
    Mock on. Does anyone realize that if obama and Sen. Biden make the ticket, we will have a Democratic controlled Congress and a Democratic controlled White House. There will be no checks and balances; a runaway Democratic train with the tressle out at say 2012.
  • by Leslie Location: Pitt County on Oct 21, 2008 at 08:55 AM
    I don't want to know any more about her political career. Just listening to her is enough.

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