Obama: McCain Trying To Divide Country With Angry Remarks

CHILLICOTHE, Ohio (AP) -- Democrat Barack Obama says John McCain is trying to divide the country with angry remarks and TV ads.

Obama told Ohio voters Friday: "It's not hard to rile up a crowd by stoking anger and division."

But he says American's aren't looking for someone who can divide the country. He says "they are looking for someone who can lead this country. ... Now more than ever it is time to put country ahead of politics."

Obama is criticizing McCain's economic plans during his two-day Ohio tour.

He is not directly responding on the stump to the Republican's claim that Obama has associated with a former 1960s terrorist. But Obama has told a radio talk show that he thought the ex-radical William Ayers, now a college professor, was rehabilitated.

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  • by Obama Snake Oil Co Location: In the grass on Oct 22, 2008 at 12:43 PM
    Well appears if we state facts about Obama it is angry statements. If we say the houses are run by democratic majority we haven't been paying attention to the last 8 years. This means we love war and listening to lies. Well, first we don't like listening to Obama/Barrys lies about his past, that is correct. Bush never lied, he told it like it was, get over it. The economy had been doing great until democrats took over, that is a fact and it is a fact they are involved with FM&FM. We don't love war but we are responsible to an oppressed nation, we are liberators, not conquerers. Please pay attention and don't make an uninformed decision on president, some of you have no clue, just party rhetoric right off the web.
  • by mamma for obama on Oct 18, 2008 at 03:43 PM
    McCain has become an angry old man. He in truth has lost hope, and has got to use the maverick excuse and say anything to try to keep his support. anyone voting for him does not have a clue about what has been going on for the past 8 years....you must love war, and listening to lies.
  • by Windy on Oct 13, 2008 at 02:36 PM
    To Obama Snake Oil, You are so funny and you get funnier every day. I can't wait to see you come election day Nov.4th 2008 :)
  • by Obama Snake Oil Co Location: Washington on Oct 13, 2008 at 01:49 PM
    I don't think republicans get red faced and mad, just dissappointed by the "so troubled people" that would vote in a canidate they don't even know. You know, a socialist, unpatriotic and tells you what you want to hear type guy to get elected. You would think in the internet age you could combat him with facts on his background that support what he says. Everything I looked at he flip flopped on after the primary. Then when it happens totally different, you won't be red faced and mad. I would have voted for Hillary but not this stranger with questionable ties and background. Apparently, some of you don't care. When interrest rates are up, jobs are gone and you are paying $9 for a gallon of gas the red face will be justified. Yall have a nice night and be nice.
  • by Kinston Location: Lavon on Oct 13, 2008 at 12:51 PM
    I love Obama/Biden. Lets go democrats!! Lets show those repubs what we can do next month. Lets show them who really got the power! Lets leave them red faced and mad Nov4th. Obama/Biden08!!!!
  • by Obama Snake Oil Co Location: Washington on Oct 13, 2008 at 12:21 PM
    To Glory to God, well, when the news media dodges the facts on Obama then McCain has to expose them. Palin has done no wrong, her ex brother inlaw should have been fired alone for drinking in a police car, or tasering a 10 year old son. Don't "listen" to the news? I think you need to find a different "truth" like on CNN and Fox. What her daughter did is no diffent than what can happend to most of us with kids their age. If this is all you can find on her, try again. Also, if you were posting from Heavon, you would have given Obama a lightning bolt for his view on abortion. Ayers was a terroist and aided community organizers to help force banks to make loans to people that could not afford it. In case you haven't heard, Wall street is down for that reason and we owe the 800 billion dollars for it. Thanks to Barney Franks and the other corrupt democrats. Thank you but this democrat votes republican this year.
  • by sj Location: Wilmington, NC on Oct 13, 2008 at 11:09 AM
    It's the same tactics the Democrats use every election. It's ok for them to use their watch dogs and the media to rip apart the republican party but as soon as you start revealing their crooked ties to liberals and radicals like Ayers, Wright, Resco, Rangel, etc and corrupt voter fraud groups like ACORN, then they start crying hatred and racism. Birds of a feather flock together. Those you associate with tell a lot about youself and what type of socialistic programs you are going to bring to further bring this country down.
  • by Factoid Location: Greenville on Oct 13, 2008 at 11:07 AM
    Isn't this something to think about! If Barack Obama would apply for a job with the FBI or with the Secret Service, he would be disqualified because of his past association with William Ayers, a known terrorist. For this same reason, he would be disqualified from joining the military. If he is elected President he would not qualify to be his own body guard!
  • by Heaven wants to know? Location: Cloud 9, USA on Oct 13, 2008 at 10:20 AM
    Since it's such a big issue about Obama being affiliated with Ayers. If Ayers did such "hatred" crime against anything of America. I question why isn't he still in prison for life without parole. It appears to me in best judgment the majority is labeling him a "menace" to society!! What's up with that then. If in fact Ayers should be in prison then who let him out?
  • by Glory to God Location: Heaven, USA on Oct 13, 2008 at 09:46 AM
    Yes, its evident that the McCain/Palin camp is slingig mud and hate all across their rallies and the tv airways. This is the worst and low down a politican can be to win a job in my opinion. I thought the rules where for both candidates to go in and get there own. The best man wins by electoral college vote/popular vote. In regards, to Palin, she needs to sit down and deal with her corruption issue invovling her ex-brother-in-law and make sure her daughter is having protected sex! You reap what you sow. Judge ye not, that ye be judged in the same measure. Obama is "not" a terrorist. The only new on the scene terrorist(s) are McCain/Palin camp. Stop the nonsense you devils!

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