Woman Alleges Long Affair With Cain

Herman Cain's campaign says detractors who want to "derail the Cain train" are behind the allegation that Cain had a long-running extramarital affair.

A Georgia woman says she and Cain had an affair that lasted 13 years and only ended a few months before he started his White House bid. Ginger White told Fox 5 Atlanta that Cain bought her plane tickets so she could meet him in cities including Palm Springs, Calif.

In its report, the television station said White had Cain's name in her cell phone contacts, and when its reporter sent a text message to the number, he called right back. Cain reportedly said he knew White but said he was trying to help her financially.

White says she came forward because Cain demonized the women who say he sexually harassed them.

Cain, in an interview with CNN as the story was breaking, flatly denied the affair.

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  • by Momof4 Location: havelock on Dec 1, 2011 at 03:57 PM
    Mr.Cain is still better than Mr. Obama anyday. Where have you people been the last 3 years. Now Mr. Obama want's to bail out Foreign Countrys yes bailout Do you think these Foreign countrysare going to pay us back really We need colleteral from them first . With all the trobles in America Growing the Defecit Growing . and Mr. Obama throwing away Tax Payer dollars at idea's That no way or form has or will help the U.S. wake Up people p.s. there no Christmas tree in the White house this Year is a Holiday tree are you suprised . I have read Mr. Obamas back ground and not just the New's. I think I will vote for Mr. cain if he run's at least I know Were He Does. A Man A Real Man you cant change him you can belive what they want.
  • by This Clown has not met with his wife yet on Dec 1, 2011 at 10:50 AM
    18 minutes ago (1:26 PM) Herman, careful when you go home. Don't take a nap, especially if she's boiling water and making grits, cause that Obamacare just might be useful
  • by Anonymous on Dec 1, 2011 at 10:37 AM
    I cannot confirm any of your claims, but I can confirm one thing for sure, Obama is going to make history again in 2012! GO TEAM OBAMA 2012!!!!!!
  • by osoc@11:04 lies again on Dec 1, 2011 at 09:49 AM
    By the end of 1981, Reagan's job approval rating had drifted down to 49%. Things got worse for Reagan in 1982. The public's view of the economy remained sour, and the president's ratings during 1982 stayed concomitantly low, in the 40% range, ending the year at 41%. The 1982 midterm elections were not good ones for Reagan and for the GOP. The Republicans lost about 25 seats in the House.
  • by Obama Snake Oil Co Location: Washington on Dec 1, 2011 at 08:04 AM
    The Blaze; To make matters worse, Gallup reports that Obama’s overall job approval rating ranks among the worst in American political history, averaging 49 percent. Only three former presidents have had a worse average rating at this stage: Carter, Ford, and Harry S. Truman. It might also be worth noting that no president in history, save the unpopular Truman, won re-election with such ratings. And, as U.S. News points out, Truman did so by running an anti-Congress campaign that Obama’s team is using as a model. Strangely, the current climate in Iran is eerily similar to what it was when Carter held the highest office in the land.
  • by to Watch on Dec 1, 2011 at 05:09 AM
    The GOP/TP held unemployed Americans hostage to get the Bush tax cuts extended while this nation was teetering on financial collapse caused by their policies under Bush. Tax cuts during the course of two wars was not a smart idea. Did anyone tell them that we're still engaged overseas in two wars and the war on terror? But they still need tax cuts for millionair­es and billionair­es, giving away billions and trillions without once requiring an offset. Now when the tax cut they argued for is for the 99% they want the opposite. I hope they realize that just like the protests around the country and then around the world that the American people are watching. They know, not the Fox News viewers, but the rest of the country knows. Get money, Grover Norquist, the Koch brothers, corporate America, wall street and the banks out of the people's government­. Once that happens maybe then we will see the prosecutio­n of the white collar criminals throughout corporate America. Who knows, maybe even some prosecuted for war crimes.
  • by Sad but True on Dec 1, 2011 at 05:05 AM
    Senate Republicans are trying to change the subject on the payroll tax cut. Now that Republicans have decided that they have to support this break for the middle class or appear totally out of touch, they have to figure out how to keep on protecting millionaires. Democrats are proposing a modest tax on income over $1 million. Republicans want to punish public employees by laying off 200,000 state/federal workers, vs increasing the tax on the wealthy.
  • by Paulette on Dec 1, 2011 at 04:57 AM
    I agree with Watch@6:28, this story is important and needs to be covered. The GOP are throwing the Middle Class under the bus again. How can anyone living on an average income, struggling day to day support these individuals?
  • by Watch Location: enc on Dec 1, 2011 at 03:28 AM
    WITN has seen fit not to report on the tax measure being discussed this week in Wash. Therefore, I'll post here. The Dems. are proposing to extend the pay roll tax cut and increase it by 3.5%-a tax cut for the working class and it's employers. The GOP is demanding it be paid for (although the Bush tax cuts were NOT paid for). The Dems. are proposing that it be covered by a sur-tax on income above 1 Million a year (the 1st million would not be affected). The GOP does not agree with this source. Some Rep. have agreed, however. Republican Senator Susan Collins says, "job creators and the rich are not one and the same"..."there is a difference between working enterprises (job providers) and the idle rich". This tax is on personal income-not business profit. The GOP says it will have its proposal for the source for this tax cut later this week. For those of us who work for a living-this is important.
  • by Anonymous on Dec 1, 2011 at 03:01 AM
    Don't you wish you could hear that breakfast conversati­on between the big liar, and his wife. Wife: So, you were "helping" this lady for the past 13 years ? You gave her money and gifts? Herman: There are a lot of things twirling around in my head, (Herman starts to sing Amazing Grace)

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