Use Of Alcohol And Marijuana Rising Among Teens

The Partnership for a Drug-Free America says the number of teens in grades 9 through 12 who reported drinking alcohol in the last month rose 11 percent last year. The overall percentage climbed from 35 percent to 39.

Also, the survey found that the percentage of teenagers who reported smoking marijuana in the last month rose last year to 25 percent. The previous reading was 19 percent.

Sean Clarkin of The Partnership for a Drug-Free America finds the survey troubling. He says historically, there's an increase in recreational drugs before increases in some of the harder drugs.

Use of the party drug Ecstasy also rose last year, to six percent.

The Partnership's "attitude tracking" study was sponsored by MetLife Foundation. Researchers surveyed 3,287 teens in grades 9 through 12. Data were collected from questionnaires that teens filled out anonymously from March to June 2009. The study has a margin of error of plus or minus 2.3 percentage points.

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  • by US citizen for now Location: Washington on Mar 3, 2010 at 05:23 AM
    I understand that parents may not being TOTALLY responsible for the way children act and do things they're doing these days but to know the root of the problem and address the root cause, most children will end up experimenting with drugs/alcohol and most likely will get in trouble. The root cause is a lack of spiritual understanding of what mankind is up against which is the spirit of satan and this world. Satan's job is to Steal, Kill & Destroy because this world is his home and so many fall by the way side which fall for his temptations and do things they later wish they hadn't done. Gods word with apostle Paul writing, For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Ephesians 6:12. Are there any responsible parents who teach their kids spiritual things and what to avoid? My point is parents should teach their kids what they're really up against.
  • by Ed Location: NC on Mar 2, 2010 at 06:25 PM
    The results reported an overall increase in substance abuse from 35 to 39% over last year with a margin of error of 2.3% plus or minus. If you add two points of error from last year's survey and take two points off of this year's survey there is essentially no change that is meaningful or measurable. Furthermore one blip in the trend is not indicative of a reversal of the trend. Had this been the third year of increasing use then there would be a concern that the trend is changing. Sounds to me like the Partnership for a Drug Free America is "crying wolf" to make sure they maintain their level of funding. And with their usual lack of in depth analysis, the AP is creating news where there is none. Maybe the AP should consider moving it's base of operations to Hollywood where they can paid better for writing creative drama.
  • by pete Location: grifton on Mar 2, 2010 at 05:13 PM
    Maybe it's in anticipation of the future in store for most and great job expectations.
  • by Anonymous Location: Washington on Mar 2, 2010 at 01:33 PM
    I have to disagree with it being the parents fault. I know many out there with children that have lived great Christian lives, involved in sports, very in tune with their kids on a day to day basis and were shocked and had no clue that their kids were doing drugs. There is a lot of peer pressure out there and yes I do blame some parents but not all. Each situation is individual and unique. No one is perfect and sometimes heredity plays a role. We have to stop judging and pray that God will help lead them In the right direction. It's too easy to judge what you haven't been dealt.
  • by to US citizen for now on Mar 2, 2010 at 01:01 PM
    That is not true I grew up in the 80's and the teens are no different. Grown folks said the same about my generation as the grown folks are saying about this generation. Let's just say history repeat itself.
  • by US citizen for now Location: Washington on Mar 2, 2010 at 12:03 PM
    Why not mention the whole story. Many are popping Extacy, Oxycotin & other pain pills, smoking crystal meth and woolies which is a rolled marijuana blunt soaked in famalihide to give hallucinogen effects and heavy amounts of alcohol which is a lethal combination. Yes the youth these days have gone buck wild compared to youth in 70's & 80's when I grew up. God have mercy and help the youth in these evil last days. I blame the irresponsible parents for not spending quality time with their kids like they should have done. Instead they leave them alone and do their own thing while the devil creeps in and destroys they're children. You can blow all the hot air you want and point the finger elsewhere but this is so true of why our youth are failing in society. The parents are the ones who's responsible for raising them to do the right thing and be responsible.
  • by Darren Location: Outer Banks on Mar 2, 2010 at 10:02 AM
    Dave, it is the case regardless. The Outer Banks has a bunch of drug using high school teens. It was that way when I was in school. Greenville is full of them as well.
  • by Anonymous on Mar 2, 2010 at 08:29 AM
    Light it up Cheech!
  • by Jethro Bodine Location: New Bern on Mar 2, 2010 at 08:07 AM
    Alcohol...BOO!... Marijuana...YAY!
  • by Jim Location: SC on Mar 2, 2010 at 06:45 AM
    Well, uh, I'm not surprised, uh, like, dude, you got anything to eat around here?
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