Police: Man Said Voices In Head Told Him To Sexually Abuse Toddler

A Tallahassee, Florida man is accused of molesting a 2-year-old girl.

He reportedly told police the voices in his head told him to sexually assault the toddler.

Police say Erik McDonald, age 38, is a diagnosed schizophrenic.

They say he admitted he had both sex and oral sex with the child after voices in his head told him to do so.

"He took his shoes off and and he took his jacket off like he was making himself comfortable in my Mom's house, while everyone was sleeping," says the victim's Aunt.

"Two years old. That's sick. The whole thing is just sick," says neighbor Anthony Baker.

Police report an aunt walked into the living room, catching McDonald in the act Thursday. She grabbed a machete to keep him captive while another aunt and the child's mother beat him with anything in sight.

McDonald's mug shot clearly shows his bleeding forehead and a black eye.

Several neighbors agreed with the force used and say they probably would have done the same thing.

The victim's Aunt says the young girl and her mother were only visiting town for a few days and were planning to head back home Thursday night.

Officers say the homeowner heard the door chime, which rings whenever the front door opens or closes. She initially thought it was her older children returning home from the club.

She became concerned about the chime and decided to check on the two-year-old victim that was sleeping on the couch located in the living room.

Upon entering the living room, she told police she observed a man kneeling on the ground next to the couch where the victim was sleeping.

The homeowner said the man had his pants and underwear down around his ankles, and the victim's pajama pants and underwear had been removed.

The victim was transported to the Children's Home Society, and a sexual assault exam was conducted. Her injuries were described as "genital trauma" by hospital staff.

The family says they had no relationship with the suspect and no knowledge of his identity.

Officers discovered that McDonald has diagnosed schizophrenia that results in delusions and is currently prescribed medications.

Here is what police say McDonald told them:

McDonald advised he understood his rights, had not requested an attorney, and was willing to discuss the incident with officials.

McDonald indicated voices told him "people were leaving town." And that he "needed to leave." He said he tried to go get a ride so he walked to the Circle K convenience store. He spoke with a cashier and then tried to go back to his house but the voices told him he had to go "to a neighbor's house down the street."

He said he went to the victims house to get a ride. McDonald said he knocked on the door but no one answered so he opened the front door.

McDonald said the door was unlocked. McDonald said he entered the living room and saw "some girl" on the couch. He described the girl as "young". When asked how young he thought the girl was, he replied "4, 5, or 6." He said the girl was asleep on the couch. McDonald said the voices told him to sit on the couch.

McDonald said the voices began telling him to "do what you gotta do."

McDonald said he did not want to do what the voices were telling him so he left. When asked what it was that he did not want to do McDonald said, "have sex and stuff."

McDonald said he walked down the street and almost got home but the voices told him to go back so he did. He said he did not want to leave the girl there. McDonald said he heard the girl wanted him to take her pants and her underwear off so he did. He then described how he molested the victim.

When asked if he was planning on having sex with the girl, he said, "That's what they were telling me to do." He says he stopped what he was doing and he said it was because "the lady came in."

When asked if he would have had sex with the girl had the lady not come in, McDonald said, "I didn't want to though."

When the victim's grandmother reportedly came in and confronted McDonald, he said the woman asked him who he was so he told her he was "trying to be (the victim's) boyfriend."

When asked if he was scared when she came in he said he was. When asked what he was scared of he said, "being caught."

He was asked if that was because he knew what he was doing was wrong. He said, "uh huh." He then indicated he knew that even if voices are telling him to do something that he does not actually have to do it and that they cannot make him do it.

During the interview McDonald also admitted to having touched himself while having sexual fantasies about children in the past.

McDonald denied having any child pornography or having sexually touched a child in the past.

McDonald is charged with three counts of sexual battery on a child under 12 and one count of Burglary with a person assaulted.

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  • by Jennifer Location: Washington on Mar 3, 2010 at 06:53 AM
    he was very lucky, cause if it happened at my house, he would not have been able to get arrested, he would of had a visit with the morgue!!!
  • by Endurance Swimmer Location: Greenville on Feb 27, 2010 at 10:48 PM
    Man, this animal, not a person in my book, is one sick puppy! Yep, these mentally ill people always say "the voices" made me do it. He knew what he was doing; I bet it wasn't the 1st time. Anon at 9:52pm, I agree!!
  • by Anonymous on Feb 27, 2010 at 06:52 PM
    Jennifer, I will not respect a book of fairy tales. Talk about ignorance.
  • by to stanley Location: mentally ill on Feb 27, 2010 at 02:28 PM
    wish people like you could speak to our state reps and let them know what happens to people when they are denied. we provide mental health services and the state is trying to cut us back little by little. (i say they do an audit and find out who the free loaders are and cut THEM back!). EG--it would be safe to say that most criminals ARE mentally ill (though its not the same in reverse) because it is not a socially acceptable and is a taboo behavior to molest children. it doesnt excuse them. but it means you have to be really careful. its frustrating that heinous crimes are committed by people who wouldnt do them if they were medicated--you want to be able to really hate and destroy the person that did them. trust me, im sure once this guy gets back on meds, he will hate himself enough for everyone. im sorry a family and child had to suffer for this too.
  • by A MOTHER Location: HAVELOCK, NC on Feb 27, 2010 at 01:50 PM
    These kinds of acts are happening far too frequent. What is happening to the World, to the people? To look at and touch a innocent beautiful child that way. As it was said once before if anyone harms a child they should tie a milestone to their neck and jump in the ocean....!!! There will be no mercy.
  • by Stanley Location: Redding California on Feb 27, 2010 at 09:44 AM
    To mentally Ill, California really is doing badly. I have medicare and medi-cal. The medicare is supposed to pay for whatever medi-cal doesn't cover. Mental health says they only take the medi-cal, and because I have the medicare I need to find a medicare provider. They handed me a phone book and told me to find a therapist myself. Being on SSI, I don't have the $200.00 a month for the co-pay. And according to social services I am not supposed to pay a dime, they said that is what the insurance is for. But yet, mental health won't help. Mental health has a 7.00 a month buy in program for services, but said I can't use it because I already have insurance, but they won't take it. You would think that would mean I can use the buy in program then. I keep going in circles. My insurance pays out $40,000.00 a month to the ER for a basic band aid job to keep me alive till the next ER visit because I can't get any real help. And until I can get better, I can't go back to work. I miss working.
  • by Jennifer Location: Washington NC on Feb 27, 2010 at 07:12 AM
    To: Anonymous on Feb 26, 2010 at 08:10 PM. Due to your ignorance, I must inform you that Bible is spelled with a capital "B". Please give it the respect it deserves. Thank you and have a blessed day.
  • by ~ALPHA female~ Location: O84P on Feb 27, 2010 at 07:00 AM
    Go going to the aunts and mom. This is a mother's worst fear. ...I thank God I was never faced with a situation like or similar to this. I would be serving my life sentence in prison and not smoking you posters on a daily!
  • by Dean Location: Leggett on Feb 27, 2010 at 05:13 AM
    I would like to see no money wasted on a trial and the Sheriff hold a press conference letting everybody know that the jail is to crowded and that his office is just to busy to worry with this guy......And then in closing say what date and time they are gonna let him walk out the front door of jail and lets see how well those voices guide him on his way.I wonder how far he would get before somebody with something more than a machete would ctch up with him.
  • by Anonymous on Feb 27, 2010 at 04:18 AM
    Yank his schmeckle off and feed it to him!!! His mother should have eaten him when he was born and all the other child perverts this goes to you too!!!

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