President Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize

The Norwegian Nobel Committee says U.S. President Barack Obama has won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize for "his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples."

Woodrow Wilson was another sitting U.S. President who received the award, in 1919, as the founder of the League of Nations. President Theodore Roosevelt won the honor in 1906 for the 1905 peace treaty between Russia and Japan.

Jimmy Carter won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002 as a former President of the United States.

Other winners include Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King, Jr.

Here is the press release from the Nobel Committee:
The Norwegian Nobel Committee has decided that the Nobel Peace Prize for 2009 is to be awarded to President Barack Obama for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples. The Committee has attached special importance to Obama's vision of and work for a world without nuclear weapons.

Obama has as President created a new climate in international politics. Multilateral diplomacy has regained a central position, with emphasis on the role that the United Nations and other international institutions can play. Dialogue and negotiations are preferred as instruments for resolving even the most difficult international conflicts. The vision of a world free from nuclear arms has powerfully stimulated disarmament and arms control negotiations. Thanks to Obama's initiative, the USA is now playing a more constructive role in meeting the great climatic challenges the world is confronting. Democracy and human rights are to be strengthened.

Only very rarely has a person to the same extent as Obama captured the world's attention and given its people hope for a better future. His diplomacy is founded in the concept that those who are to lead the world must do so on the basis of values and attitudes that are shared by the majority of the world's population.

For 108 years, the Norwegian Nobel Committee has sought to stimulate precisely that international policy and those attitudes for which Obama is now the world's leading spokesman. The Committee endorses Obama's appeal that "Now is the time for all of us to take our share of responsibility for a global response to global challenges."

Oslo, October 9, 2009

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  • by REC Location: enc on Oct 18, 2009 at 09:14 AM
    Jefferson believed in fairness and equality. Some of his writings,and some but not all of his practices would lead one to think that Jefferson may come closer to Obama's opinion than Taylor's on redistribution of wealth .Search for yourself! Maybe it's time all the hidden little facts that we are not taught in school about our forefathers is brought to light.Why does it bother you that Obama inferred the word "erred" when Jefferson thought the whole bible was more "Mythological,that truth" being with error .Think about it???
  • by Ole' Thomas on Oct 18, 2009 at 08:44 AM
    Taylor:Thomas Jefferson was a man that did not believe JESUS is God,that Jesus fed the multitude with a few fish,Raised Lazarus from the Dead,Mary was a Virgin,JESUS was RESURRECTED from the DEAD.He did believe that Jesus was a great MORAL Teacher and Christianity has great merits.I do not agree with the Jefferson Bible,but a lot is to be learned from his ideals.As I do not agree with Jefferson on religion,as his doctrine was closer to MUSLIM than mine,but he was a GREAT MAN in his own rights,with a God given Reasoning and Intetellect as his guide. Other,""political"" issues I do agree with him such as every man's personal right to his own religious belief,and Jefferson's fear that banks and large enterprises would destroy a free people. Taylor,maybe we are headed back where we started! I would strongly suggest you strap yourself down for the ride ! (wtb?L)
  • by Ole' Thomas on Oct 18, 2009 at 06:37 AM
    Thank you Lynn,For the info on Thomas Jefferson.It is amazing being a Christain by faith that I have to attribute so much of my freedom to a man like Thomas Jefferson.He was genius and had a love for his white counterparts.Bless his heart though,he had a strong heart for black woman,and love to father bi-racials and try to make the American Indian white,changing their whole culture.His religious beliefs were stronger then one might think,as he wrote that in his religion only one person was in it and his denomintion had only one member,which was him.He solely beleive himself.He was his on God.Have to say I am glad he loved us white folks and his bi-racial children.
  • by Lynn Location: Greenville on Oct 17, 2009 at 01:08 PM
    FDR said, " a government run by organized wealth is as bad as a government run by organized crime". Each of us needs to look at our own needs. Do I need someone who votes for fair wages, protection for workers, less discrimination against women, honesty and easier to understand loans, etc. Or, do I need protection for my stock profits, investment profits, less accountability for my business practices, etc, These are basic economic differences that should play a major part in our decisions at the polls. You ask why people talk race, because when true prejudice is involved, people will cut their economic throats to pay homage to their hatred. I would bet there are people on this list who voted Rep. while needing food stamps to survive-only hatred and/or extreme ignorance would justify that.
  • by Anonymous on Oct 17, 2009 at 12:28 PM
    Taylor, Jefferson also believed that only educated, land owners should vote, he was a Deist, he owned slaves, and women couldn't even own property. You think things should not change?
  • by Taylor Location: Chocowinity,NC on Oct 17, 2009 at 07:06 AM
    What gets me is nobody really listens to what Obama really says or writes. I hope he did not get elected because he looks black? Will Obama get the Nobel Prize for changing our constitution? In a 2001 radio interview with Obama he quotes. " The founding Fathers " erred " in writing the writing of the Constitution. Generally the Constitution is a charter of negitive liberities. I see that limiting of the governments power over the people is a fatal flaw of the US Consitution." In the same radio interview he quotes " The government should take money fron some citzens "Who" ? and redistribute the monies to others in a form of welfare. Sorry Tom Jefferson , Obama thinks you screwed up. Obama has 3 more years to distroy America as we new it. The question is,is that his goal?and can he do it?
  • by Jump-to-it on Oct 16, 2009 at 10:27 PM
    Why do the Republican's Moral Majority play the "Moraly Perfect" card,with no blame ,no guilt,no shame? Money Changers with the greed of Midas?I don't play the race card.Whatever those Dem are pulling it is working, stupid or not ! I want to see Republicans in office next time around..Somebody better start listening guys !
  • by June Location: NC on Oct 16, 2009 at 08:22 PM
    Go Bubba - The Obama's had front row seats in the Rev Wrights Church of American hate for over 20 years. This is just one quote from the Obama's Rev. "We (the United States of America) started the AIDS virus." Need I say more.
  • by SSG on Oct 16, 2009 at 07:31 PM
    Joke,joke,joke,joke,joke, oh, did I say joke?
  • by Bubba Location: Dixie County,FL on Oct 16, 2009 at 07:20 PM
    Why does the Democratic Liberal Left play the race card " Simple " When the left runs out of ammunition to devert the truth. They always toss the race grenade. Jackson, Sharpton, Jackson , Obama's friend Rev Wright plus the Congressional Black Caucus, etc. will continue to paint their opposition as racists because they know there is no defense for their Stupity

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