Bill Would Require Feds To Get Permission For OLF

Opponents of an outlying landing field in Eastern Carolina may get some ammunition against the Navy from the General Assembly.

A bill that would force the federal government to get state permission to take over land to build an outlying landing field under consideration in the N.C. House.

The bill says the government cannot take land that does not have an existing military base on it that is home to air squadrons in order to build an outlying landing field, unless it has the permission of the State of North Carolina.

The bill cleared a committee vote Tuesday.

The Navy is considering sites in Camden and Gates Counties to build an OLF. Many in that area oppose the possible project, as was the case in Washington and Beaufort Counties.

The Navy is also considering three sites in Virginia.

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  • by Anonymous on May 5, 2009 at 06:20 AM
    please bring the OLF back to washington county we need something everyone is losing their jobs who aint a farmer we need OLF
  • by pee dee Location: jacksonville on Apr 6, 2009 at 06:19 AM
    Chambers and Fentress are too close to the city thanks to over development.Virginia screwed up.This "lawsuit" you know so much about involves people who live on top of the over developed area.With the OLF, the NAVY is looking for 46 square miles.Roughly 6 square miles will be used for the airfield.The rest will be there to keep development from moving into the "noise" area.In other OLF's, the NAVY still lets the farmers farm the land.Who says they can not be allowed to do that with an OLF here?The other 40 square miles is to minimize the "noise" area.This means that there will be no house within 10 square miles of the OLF.How many people in this precious "lawsuit" live 10 miles away from Oceana?Probably NONE!Bye bye lawsuit arguement.Why don't you drive to Oceana and then drive 10 miles away from the main gate and sit and listen to the "noise".It really isn't loud that far away.Anonymous at 9:01, how has the NAVY failed its pilots?
  • by pee dee Location: jacksonville on Apr 6, 2009 at 05:54 AM
    (PART ONE)As stated earlier,my arguement has never been WHERE the OLF goes but that it will create some money for NC.But if you insist on "land" arguement, lets talk about it.The NAVY also suggested putting it in an area where Waste Management had proposed to put a LANDFILL.What is wrong with this area?Its good enough for a LANDFILL but not an OLF?The NAVY needs to be able to practice ACTUAL carrier landings.Current restrictions now make them approach at a higher angle and near city lights and therefore does not help them practice a real life "blackout" landing.You say you have a Vietnam Vet?Did he get any "training" before going over there or did they give him a gun and say go shoot in that direction?Did his training MAYBE help bring him home alive?It is a proven fact carrier landings can be more dangerous than the actual mission itself.If you can give me an area with 30 million acres close to Oceana that the government can use,then I will concede,but I have not found one yet.
  • by Anonymous on Apr 3, 2009 at 06:29 PM
    If you don't care about the people, maybe you care about the environment, wildlife and natural resources. For the Gates County site, the core area of the proposed OLF is less than 1 mile from the Chowan River. It also encompasses thousands of acres of the Chowan Swamp Gamelands, purchased by our state in 2006, and deemed "priceless" by our governor. Millions of taxpayer $s have been spent on this land and Millions have been spent to clean up the Chowan River. All NC taxpayers should want their investments protected. An OLF is just another total waste of taxpayer money.
  • by Anonymous on Apr 3, 2009 at 06:21 PM
    Cherry Point was supposed to get the FA18 squadrons when they were introduced, instead political pull from Va. got all the squadrons based at Oceana. Cherry Point can handle more than the promised 2 squadrons. North Carolina was cheated then, they are being cheated now. Your outrage should be towards politicians and the Navy for letting that happen, not towards poor citizens in the rural areas.
  • by Anonymous on Apr 3, 2009 at 06:01 PM
    Our government already owns 30M acres of land in the US. Taking more land is not the answer to pilots being properly trained. The Navy is failing our pilots, not the people who live in these rural areas. The future of America is everyone's responsibility, not just a few. Personally, my husband is a disabled Vietnam veteran, our fathers, sons and daughters have, or, are serving, so please, don't continue to preach to people living in these areas. All true North Carolinians should want to protect its people, wildlife and natural resources. If another area of the state really wants the OLF and wants to take the chance it will bring benefits, then speak to your elected officials and welcome the Navy. People in northeastern NC have known about the complaints and lawsuits in Va. Beach for years. We live an hour or so from that area, our news comes from Norfolk, so we really, really do know exactly what this is about. We will not be the sacrificial lamb in a feeble attempt to save Ocean.
  • by bret on Apr 3, 2009 at 05:59 AM
    anonymous your the reason why the economy is bad today all you think about are yourselves not the future of america I said it once I'll say it again u cant take the land with u when u die,and what if ur kids get older and sell the farm I mean that was just a waste of taxpayers money when they fought it in washington co. and we need all the help we can get in this bad economy 2day olf in gates co
  • by pee dee Location: jacksonville on Apr 3, 2009 at 05:46 AM
    Anonymous:Please understand that I have never said that the OLF should go exactly where it is being proposed.I have only stated that it could be a positive for NC.I have also stated that it is fine with me if they bring it to Jacksonville.I could care less because the "noise" arguement is a joke.I have only stated repeatedly that there should be SOMEWHERE in NC that we could accomodate it.The OLF IS needed because the pilots need an area to practice ACTUAL take off and landings. Virginia screwed up by building houses on top of the runways after agreeing not to.People bought houses near the runway BECAUSE they were cheaper, then decided to sue because of the"noise".The NAVY is looking for a remote area so that any "noise" can be kept to a minimum and pilots can practice REAL carrier approaches.To put "land" above the lives of people who will be the FIRST into harms way is not a valid arguement.These pilots will be the FIRST to DIE for YOU and me.Maybe I am just an optimist and your not.
  • by Anonymous on Apr 2, 2009 at 06:36 PM
    To all the people who are saying northeastern NC should support OLF - If you own land in the proposed areas, then your opinion counts, if you do not, then you have no right or reason to tell those who do live in these areas how they should live their life. Our families have worked hard and sacrificed for generations for our homes, farms and land, and you should respect our individual rights, just as we respect your rights to choose how and where you live. The OLF is not needed, if you believe otherwise, then you do not understand what this is all about, which is noise mitigation for Va. Beach. This reason is well documented in numerous statements by the Navy for the last 10 years.
  • by pee dee Location: jacksonville on Apr 2, 2009 at 12:41 PM
    The website blueNC said in 2007 that Fentress was an airfield that was open 24/7, seven days a week. You said they were locked when not in use. Which one is right? It can not be locked if open 24/7.

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