ECU Fraternity Suspended After Weekend Police Raid

An East Carolina University fraternity is on temporary suspension after two people were charged and more than 60 people cited during a fraternity house party this weekend.

ALE agents, Pitt County ABC officers and Greenville police obtained a search warrant for the Pi Kappa Phi house on Hooker Road Saturday.

ALE agents say they seized alcohol, marijuana, drug paraphernalia along with a poster that read “$1 shots of tequila, rum and vodka. Party ‘til you pass out, Drink ‘til you’re dead.”

Keith Tingley, ECU Director of Greek Life says the fraternity is on temporary suspension pending an investigation. Tingley says an agreement between the university and the fraternity's national chapter have suspended all fraternity activities.

Today there were still beer cans and alcohol containers in the front yard of the fraternity house.

Dylan Baker, 19, of Greenville, was charged with aiding and abetting underage possession of alcohol, selling and possessing for sale alcohol without ABC permits and underage consumption of alcohol. Stephen Charron, 23, whose address is listed as the frat house, was charged with aiding and abetting underage possession of alcoholic beverages. ECU says both Baker and Charron are members of the fraternity.

“College groups such as this fraternity need to be aware of the alcohol laws and act responsibly,” said John Ledford, director of ALE. “Alcohol consumption can lead to tragic consequences such as alcohol poisoning. The poster was too close to the truth when it comes to underage drinking.”

The fraternity has been on the ECU campus since 1963. Calls to the fraternity's national offices in Charlotte so far have not been returned.

Pi Kappa Phi Statement

Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity suspends Beta Phi chapter at East Carolina University

CHARLOTTE, N.C.-Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity has issued an interim suspension of its Beta Phi chapter at East Carolina in order to investigate alleged violations of the fraternity's alcohol policy. Pi Kappa Phi is collaborating with the East Carolina Office of Greek Life to gather information surrounding the allegations.

"As an interfraternal leader in alcohol and risk management education, Pi Kappa Phi is committed to providing our students with the tools to make safe and healthy choices about the use of alcohol," said Assistant Executive Director Christian Wiggins. "We also expect personal responsibility from our members in order to prevent the misuse and abuse of alcohol. Should the Beta Phi chapter be found responsible of risk management violations at the conclusion of the investigation, the chapter and individuals will be held accountable through our conduct process."

"We appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with the Office of Greek Life as Pi Kappa Phi recognizes its shared role in the higher education mission," added Wiggins.

The Beta Phi chapter of Pi Kappa Phi was founded on February 16, 1963.

Pi Kappa Phi's commitment to leadership dates back to its founding on December 10, 1904, at the College of Charleston, Charleston, S.C., where our founders exemplified leadership in the classroom, on the athletic field, in campus politics and within the community. Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity was founded on the premise of campus leadership-by men who made the choice to lead. Today, on more than 150 campuses across America, Pi Kappa Phi has broadened its commitment to building men who are leaders by choice.

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  • by c-had Location: police state nc on Feb 21, 2011 at 03:37 PM
    Frats & sorority cats and kittens just dont have real friends so they join to BELONG.So what, let them.
  • by Bored police? Location: ECU on Feb 21, 2011 at 10:22 AM
    One of these days I would love to see the police actually "Protect" us from real criminals instead of taking cannabis flowers and alcohol from people in a weak attempt to make themselves look like real cops. This nonesense about "protecting people from themselves" is very worrysome. Should we outlaw forks and bridges b/c people can hurt themselves wih them. Let's nerf the world. The state needs to stay out of my personal choices. Prohabition doesn't work, and apparetnly many of the ECU police don't do much either other than harrassing students.
  • by PL on Feb 20, 2011 at 09:39 AM
    errr... make that "trailer". I should know not to follow Anonymous' spelling lead.
  • by PL on Feb 20, 2011 at 07:50 AM
    Anonymous at 2:50pm: "stay awake at night"; my post was at 12:27pm. That is in the afternoon. Did they not teach you to tell time in your home or school? By the way,you were right about one thing, I do have a trailor and am posting from it this very minute. Good call Nostradamus! My trailor is in Salter Path. My home is in Pitt County. "My impact on the world" is as an ECU educated, hard working M.D.; since you called my qualifications into question. How about you? Or are you going to duck (quack, quack) more questions? Remember PM is afternoon/evening, AM is early morning/morning. Keep trying though, you'll make a coherent post yet (close your eyes, picture the little engine that could and repeat to yourself- "I think I can, I think I can")
  • by Anonymous on Feb 20, 2011 at 04:46 AM
    what a surpise...some kids going to college but getting drunk instead. ECU should be really proud. Football team has a losing record, basketball team always stays home in march. i guess if that was my team i'd be drinking too!!
  • by stickin together! on Feb 19, 2011 at 07:53 PM
    one time when i was in college, i was scrounging for a job, and found a waitressing job at courtyard tavern in greenville. while taking my menu test along with another girl, her sorority sister (and head waitress) sat down next to her and pointed out all the answers to her so she would get the job! she didnt help me! those greeks sure do stick together!
  • by frat head on Feb 19, 2011 at 07:45 PM
    hey frat, its cool, last time i checked, fraternities are for boys only.. and i was invited to join a sorority once, but determined that i could still be friends with people without having to pay them or be told how to look. amazingly my self esteem survived this.
  • by frat on Feb 19, 2011 at 02:57 PM
    hey frat head, sorry you couldnt get into a fraternity
  • by Anonymous on Feb 19, 2011 at 11:50 AM
    PL nice to know that someone like you stays awake at night worried about what someone says about ecu. im sure when you brush that 1 tooth & leave your trailor you will make quite an impact on the world
  • by PL on Feb 19, 2011 at 09:27 AM
    Spell Check: "indicatative", huh? Might want to change your name. LOL! Anonymous at 9:06am: Do you think that the Greeks at UNC-CHeat don't party? Remember, it was just two weeks ago that UNC-CHeat Greeks were sentenced to prison for selling cocaine to other Greeks. Does this make UNC Coke Head University (Hey! At least The UNC-CH Still works with this moniker! The University of North Carolina at Cokehead Hill)? You should really think about what you post before you step into the fray Anonymous at 9:06 am. Your post= Fail. By the way, I take it from your lack of reasoning ability that you did not graduate from Cheater Hill? Or did you? If you did, that may be even worse. Again, your post= Fail.

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