NEW INFO: Scam Suspects Arrested Again

Two of the three men arrested Thursday in connection with a home repair scam in Washington now face additional charged in Beaufort County.

Edward Champ, Jr. and his son-in-law Anthony Champ where arrested Friday by Beaufort County deputies--a day they got out of jail on similar charges in Washington.

Deputies say the two showed up at a home on Highway 17 North Friday where they had been the day before trying to spray for mold. The homeowner told deputies one of the men was wearing a badge and threatened to issue her a ticket if she didn't allow him to spray.

The two were charged Friday with attempted obtaining property by false pretense.

Washington police arrested the two Thursday, along with the elder Champ's son for a similar scheme.

Washington police say they responded to the Macswoods area after a man claiming to be a fireman was performing home inspections for mold. That man convinced the owner to come inside and tried to get money for tests done inside the house.

Police say it appears the scammers were targeting elderly and single victims.

Anthony and Edward Champ were jailed on $40,000 secured bonds on the latest charges.

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Three people are under arrest, accused in a home repair scam that involved someone posing as a fireman. Washington police say it was a family affair, with three members of the same family charged in scheme.

Edward Camp, Jr. of Roper is accused of felony obtaining property by false pretenses, attempting to obtain property by false pretenses, and felony conspiracy, while Anthony Champ of Romney, West Virginia, and Danny Champ of Roper have been charged with felony attempting to obtain property by false pretenses and felony conspiracy. Police say Edward Champ is Danny's father, while Anthony Champ is the son-in-law. They say Anthony Champ took his wife's last name.

Thursday police say they responded to the Macswoods area after a man claiming to be a fireman was performing home inspections for mold. That man convinced the owner to come inside and tried to get money for tests done inside the house.

Police say it appears the scammers were targeting elderly and single victims. The trio were operating a red Dodge pickup with temporary Virginia tags and an aluminum ladder rack and tools in the back. They say one of the men bilked a Washington resident out of thousands of dollars before friends contacted authorities.

Police say they believe there are other victims and their investigation is ongoing. The three men all have posted bond and released from jail.

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  • by shan Location: virgnia on Feb 7, 2011 at 02:03 PM
    how much did they charge you
  • by Champ Customer Location: Plymouth on Jan 17, 2011 at 09:24 AM
    I don't know what occurred in Washington, NC so i have no comment on that subject. I had the Champs seal my parking lot in October 2010. They did a good job at a reasonable price. Parking lot looks new.
  • by Eli Location: Greenville on Jan 10, 2011 at 08:59 AM
  • by Madam LuRanies daughter! on Dec 30, 2010 at 08:19 PM
    rumneychell.... NO,NO,NO! It's "Romanichel" Gosh WOMAN! Learn to at least spell what you are calling a race. It is not a race! It's like saying a Jew is a race. NO!
  • by Thinking OUT LOUD on Dec 29, 2010 at 04:02 PM
    Ed Champs family shut up you act worse than the Beverly Hill Billy's, you were born in the US but you do not claim you are American I am confused, for the LOVE of GOD WITN please stop these comments they should be taken down. I'm a proud American & do not care about heritage, I'm American. Go RED WHITE AND BLUE
  • by tommy stine Location: pa on Dec 29, 2010 at 01:57 AM
    patty champ aka tincher you should be right there with your husband because all youre doing is trying to scam us with your pre kindergarden comments youre a joke and should wake up and get a life.
  • by patty champ on Dec 26, 2010 at 04:04 PM
    say what they want.jus becuz it says they done this stuff...dont mean they did...guess uve never seen sombody found not guilty after a news posting jus like this.rather ther found guilty or not guilty,just like all u(non-gypsy)ppl find that talkin about our race is not wrong,just like scammin is wrong an against the law discrimation is to.n to whoever wants to talk bout my life,i love u 2!atleast wefare aint payin for my kids,and i was young when i had my first 2,and wanted wat was best for them,so before u talk bout me,talk about ur neigbor,neice,daughter,cousin thats leaves ther kid to go on crack binges and leaves ther innocent lil baby at home or just carrys it wit her an swaps for drugs..cuz believ me i knw alot of them an theres bound to be one close to u.i know my family is very important,but my god we cant take all this papparazzi(look i spelld that rite).an to whom dont like me u must know me and u know wher im at...come see me!ill buy u lunch!my love goes out to all the fans
  • by pattychamp Location: wife,daughter,sister^^^ on Dec 26, 2010 at 03:56 PM
    all of yall r low life,u think just becuz they got caught for sumthin that not u r the police dept know what the hek ur talkin bout,y not sit bak n go for the ride...n let the judge do his job.yall r thriving of this when everybody knows LIFE its self is a scam.the judge that will sentance u know how much he gets for sayin 1-2 lil'words GUILTY or NOT GUILTY?or the lawyer thats gonna be repersnting them...u know how much they get paid to just have the words come from there mouth instead of the suspects.?no...i forgot, all becuz im a gypsy im dumb an all u americans no everything.most americans(probally most of u) scam everyday by living of welfare.if i were a scammer,that would b the first thing i would livin,free babysetter,free money,free food WITHOUT they find ur babys dady for before u all put down my dad,husband,and brother sit back an look at UR everyday glassing mirrowed life,dontcall the kittle black.scam is definied n many differ ways.n cops say
  • by Hello on Dec 26, 2010 at 12:27 PM
    Wrong is wrong end of story.
  • by patty Location: va on Dec 21, 2010 at 10:32 AM
    Why dont all you people thats writing this bad stuff about the champs get a life? Im a rumney very proud of it. My children are educated. I have a beautiful home. Have you ever heard of discrimination? Theres a law against discrimination. Im a rumneychell born in america. Theres alot more people scamming than just rumneys. Go to the movies you pay $10.00 for a small drink.. Is that a rip off? What about how high our taxes have become. Are rumneys behind that too? Theres just as many out there scamming but get away with it. So dont blame everything on rumneys.

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