Judge Denies Bond Reduction for Richardson

A judge has denied a move to reduce bond for a man accused of killing two men in downtown Greenville in 2009.

Lawyers for James Richardson sought to have a $5,000,000 bond lowered, saying the man is not a flight risk, he has no history of violence, he turned himself in, and they are finding discrepancies in witness statements.

Richardson is accused of murdering Landon Blackley and Andrew Kirby on June 30, 2009 outside the Other Place night club in Greenville.

Prosecutors told Judge Russell Duke that Richardson is facing the death penalty, and that doesn't require a bond. They say Richardson does have a history of violence, saying forensic evidence connects him to a previous bar shooting.

Judge Duke decided to keep the bond at $5,000,000. Richardson's trial date is set for March.

A man accused of a high profile double murder in Greenville in 2009 is scheduled to make a court appearance today.

James Richardson is accused of murdering Landon Blackley and Andrew Kirby on June 30, 2009 outside the Other Place night club in Greenville.

The Pitt County District Attorney's Office says Richardson's attorney filed a motion for a bond hearing, which will take place today. Judge Russell Duke will preside over the hearing during which Richardson's attorney is expected to ask for a lower bond.

Richardson's trial is scheduled for March 2011.

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  • by VictimsFriend Location: Raleigh on Feb 7, 2011 at 09:53 PM
    Tiffany, Landon Blackley was a dear friend of mine. Your brother shot him, and because of that, Landon will never get to live his life to the fullest potential. When your brother is convicted on two counts of first degree MURDER, it won't be because he is black, and it won't be without the support of overwhelming evidence, it will be because he took two innocent lives. Also, I have a feeling that God does not show favor toward murders. However, being a Christian I know that we cannot say what God will do, but I know that judgement day is coming for James Richardson, and my guess is that there is a place in Hell with his name on it. You are in my prayers.
  • by To Tiffany on Dec 13, 2010 at 05:03 PM
    Tiffany, the reason your brother's story continues to show up while other murder cases receive less attention is simple. First, he is accused of killing two people, not one. Second, the victims were innocent bystanders who had absolutely nothing to do with whatever situation was going on that night. They weren't involved in any way shape or form. They simply walked out the door of a club to go home and were murdered for no reason. Almost every other murder case in the city right now involves people who were in a dispute or fight with each other of some type. The fact that your brother is accused of killing two people who had no connection to him at all make this case unique.
  • by Paul Location: Greenville on Dec 9, 2010 at 11:00 AM
    Antistupidty Location: FunDummyland on Dec 8, 2010 at 01:11 PM "I get to hear all the black and Mexican jokes ,which I'm sure all races are guilty of!" This can't be correct. Only white people are racist. Anyone that spends any amount of time around blacks knows they have a large portion of their population that is as racist as anyone in this country. It is OK since they are oppressed.
  • by Data Man on Dec 9, 2010 at 09:42 AM
    To V, just because you raise your kids dont mean they will turn out a certain way! This guy was raised in a good home and he has college education. He also played pro basketball in other countries. So tell me that you know what the future will be. Its only by the grace of GOD that they next child dont fall into the same trap. I have to admit; I have no clue what these guys are thinking. Being a black man in the south is hard enough. I dont want to do anything to help white America say "I told you so". This is why I dont understand why as blacks; we live like we hate each other. white no longer have to hang us because of our color. We have turned to guns and do it to ourselves.
  • by YouRCrazy Location: winterville on Dec 9, 2010 at 08:13 AM
    Tiffany I would have never told anyone that that's my brother because you know he did it i know he did it everybody know that he did it what your family need to do is Pray for the family's that your brother killed.........God Bless you and your family......
  • by Anonymous on Dec 8, 2010 at 05:57 PM
    Well said Antistupidity.
  • by Jeff Location: Greenville on Dec 8, 2010 at 04:20 PM
    Tiffany I don't think your going to see him walk out anytime soon! Phillip Lewis was all over WITN so don't even play that card. If your brother was so innocent then why did he hide in Maryland for three days? Why would he assault a detention officer? This piece of trash has a long road of prison ahead!
  • by Tiffany Location: raleigh on Dec 8, 2010 at 03:21 PM
    First of all, I would like to thank those who KNOW that my brother is innocent! i have read alot of bad comments over the last year and now I think it is time to speak. I knowthat he is innocent and for you who dont think so who cares! My family are true believers in God and he's gonna work this thing out. Its sad to see GREENVILLE keep putting him all over the news and web like that. This is the only case you hear them talking about and so much has happened since then. You don t hear them talking about the white boy who killed someone a couple of months back. Oh but I guess cuz his family got money what he did never happened. One thing I can say is when this is all over and when he walks out and he will I would to see you racist and crazy people talk that then. GOD HAS FAVOR OVER MY FAMILY.
  • by to Yankee Transplant on Dec 8, 2010 at 02:38 PM
    If the black youth is in gangs cause of parenting skills why do white youth get into so much trouble. So are you saying white youth are not bad. So I guess Phillip Lewis's have good parents. Let their son do what he wants and then use money to get him out. Yeah whites people are good at buying their way out of things. Hey Data Man that is why you don't see alot of whites in jail or the sheriff office, because they pay their way out. And btw why were you there Data Criminal? Have something to hide. You can say what you want they still see you as a black man. Oh everybody keep talking mean to Data Man, because he deserves it.
  • by Paul Location: Greenville on Dec 8, 2010 at 02:04 PM
    Jazmine Location: Moyewood on Dec 8, 2010 at 11:37 AM First of all, no one actually types or speaks like you unless it is intentional. Second, DataMan is the one always playing a race card and brought up slavery. Last, I was not there when these men were gunned down and neither were you. It is yet to be seen if Richardson is guilty or innocent but if he is found guilty you can be sure you will say it is because he is black and was not given a fair trial.

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