Driver Cited In New Bern Three Vehicle Crash

New Bern police have cited the driver of one of three vehicles involved in an accident Wednesday morning.

It happened around 8:15 a.m. at Highways 43 and 55, near the new bypass.

Police say three people were transported to CarolinaEast Medical Center from the accident scene. All three were treated for non-life threatening injuries.

Mable Mewborn of New Bern was ticketed for entering an intersection while emitting a steady red light. Police say the other two vehicles had the green light in the intersection. The woman's Ford Explorer ended up on its side.

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  • by Marty on Sep 28, 2011 at 02:09 PM
    First off, I would think if it's that confusing the NCDOT could cough up a sign. Either saying right on red after stop or, no turn on red.
    But as a general rule of thumb. If it's a regular round red light, yes. Right on red. But a specific light, like an arrow to the right then you have to react to it's color. Otherwise why bother put an arrow when a round light would work?
    • reply
      by voter on Sep 28, 2011 at 03:58 PM in reply to Marty
      what,,and wake up those fellas in the new yellow, crew cab dump trucks? be serious.
    • reply
      by Formerly O.L.I. on Sep 28, 2011 at 04:44 PM in reply to Marty
      You make a valid point, and after the rash of accidents in that intersection, an important one.
  • by New Bern Location: New Bern on Sep 28, 2011 at 05:54 AM
    Saying a prayer for these people i came through the intersection right after it happened at 8:15am.
  • by Formerly O.L.I. Location: ENC on Sep 28, 2011 at 05:48 AM
    I can tell you why; people turn right on the 'Red Right Turn' lights. They are red arrows, then become green arrows to turn right. When red, that tells me 'No Right Turn On Red'. However, I've seen near-misses because people think they can turn right, red or green. Add to that fact, when headed south on 43 and coming north across the way, people turn left on green from both directions, and the lane is narrow on the outside. I've seen people almost collide when navigating that left turn, especially if the trucks swing out wide. It's a strange intersection.
    • reply
      by yup on Sep 28, 2011 at 06:25 AM in reply to Formerly O.L.I.
      Unless there is a sign posted that says "No right on red" I'm pretty sure you can turn. I get what your saying though, you still got to stop and make sure there isn't on-coming traffic.
      • reply
        by Formerly O.L.I. on Sep 28, 2011 at 07:35 AM in reply to yup
        I'm pretty certain if it okay to turn, the arrow would blink 'yellow', as other turn signals in New Bern do. To me, a red turn arrow says 'not while red'. If it's okay, then they need to make it blink 'yellow'; if it's not okay, then they need to make a solid red light. Still remains confusing.
        • reply
          by Learn to drive on Sep 28, 2011 at 10:06 AM in reply to Formerly O.L.I.
          A blinking yellow would indicate to use caution when turning, you do not need to come to a stop. When turning on red, you need to come to a stop so a yellow would not be appropriate. Also, I have never seen a blinking yellow arrow for right turns. Turning right on red is legal at any intersection in NC, unless otherwise posted. I'm really not sure how you managed to get a driver's license.
    • reply
      by Formerly O.L.I. on Sep 28, 2011 at 12:26 PM in reply to Formerly O.L.I.
      To 'Learn to drive': If you read the article above, you will see why you are not supposed to turn right on a red arrow light; it's a different light. I agree, it should be made a solid red light, period. The blinking 'yellow' lights I refer to in New Bern, are in place for turning left (just a precursor to being able to turn left if safe, like turning right is now). Thanks for your reply. If you get behind me at that red arrow light, you will be waiting till it turns green, however, neither of us will have an accident because of the extra caution.
      • reply
        by to learn to drive on Sep 28, 2011 at 06:56 PM in reply to Formerly O.L.I.
        its a wonder YOU got a license. the norht carolina drivers handbook ( online @ page 88) clearly states that a red arrow means turning traffic must stop. formerly O.L.I. is right.
        • reply
          by Formerly O.L.I. on Sep 30, 2011 at 06:29 AM in reply to to learn to drive
          I appreciate knowing where to find that info; thanks! I thought I was right.

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