Police: Major Greenville Heroin Supplier Busted

By: Bill Wilson
By: Bill Wilson

Greenville police say they have nabbed a man they consider to be a major supplier of heroin to Greenville and Pitt County.

The Greenville Drug Task Force arrested Joshua Sutton, Jr. on Thursday. Police announced the bust in a news release this morning.

Police say they seized 500 bindles of heroin worth some $15,000 along with $7,000 in cash. Sutton's arrest capped a four month long investigation.

The 41-year-old Sutton is in jail on a $2.5-million bond.

Charges: 4 counts of Trafficking Heroin
3 counts of Conspiracy to Trafficking Heroin
4 counts of Selling Heroin
4 counts of Delivering Heroin
4 counts of Possession with the Intent to Sell and Deliver Heroin
4 counts of Maintaining a Dwelling for Controlled Substances

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  • by gus Location: asheville on Jun 2, 2009 at 10:15 PM
    Please think about it people. Drugs will never be erradicated. Intoxication & addiction have been around since humans first figured out how to get high. As long as there is a demand for drugs, all drugs... whether it's heroin, caffiene, nicotine, alcohol or anything else... there will be a seller. We can never completely get rid of the demand, or the sellers. But we can make gains in the demand part, which means we can make ground in the number of people hurt by drugs. By putting all the money into police & sting operations we only increase the damage & lives ruined by drugs. So, if we cannot erradicate heroin completely... which we never will. Then why not put our resources into saving lives instead of ruining them?
  • by gus Location: asheville, NC on Jun 2, 2009 at 10:08 PM
    Race can be an issue, but that's another story. The point is that this BLACK heroin dealer was not charged with any gun crimes, nor violence. He may have been (even likely) selling heroin to support his own addiction as opposed to resorting to breaking into houses & stealing or any other number of crimes to support his habit. Which makes him no different from the many rich, middleclass, or poor WHITE & BLACK ppl that could have been his customers. Many of you want to see the man locked up for the rest of his life for the lives he destroyed. But you fail to understand that he is a person and a life and a soul also. If you had a kid that had ever been addicted to heroin, do you really think they wouldn't sell drugs to support their habit? Lock him up forever & I promise there will still be someone to take his place. We need to treat addiction instead of throwing all the money away on trying to lock up dealers that will eternally be replaced. Prohibition failed before & it keeps on failin
  • by Holly Location: washington on Mar 17, 2008 at 10:56 AM
    I don't understand why everything always has to end up in a race conflict. I don't think race has anything to do with this. The media always make people look worse off then they usualyy are & everyone who watches the news believes everything they hear. HELLO people the media is one sided and tells you what you wanna hear. Sometimes they are telling the truth about certain people but not always. I just wish people would stop judging people for what the news says about them. The BIBLE says "Judge not lest ye be judged." All you people who are judging people and going to have to face judgement one day to the LORD what are you going to say to him when he asks you why you always looked at people harshly because of the news? Then come to find out the LORD allowed that person in heaven & not you. You wouldn't be happy then would you. So just stop judging people. Let the court system do there thing. YES i am a white person & feel this way. Now is it all about race? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • by jimmie Location: New bern on Mar 13, 2008 at 08:28 AM
    Here we go again. It boils down to race. Think about this: When is the last time you had your neighborhood burned to the ground and all the businesses in the area burned to the ground because of black on white crime? If you a guilty, you are guilty whether you are black, white, hispanic, oriental, gay, red, pink, or any other color. Forget the race card and look at the consequences. Poor picked on minority groups. Get a grip.
  • by whitegirl Location: greenville on Mar 13, 2008 at 02:02 AM
    People stop being so hateful! He is a person just like you. Everybody does something wrong and makes mistakes in their life, its just a matter of it you get caught or not. Don't you all understand the saying, "DOn't throw stones if you live in a glass house yourself" I have known people from all different aspects, I have seen crimanls become preachers and I have seen preachers become crimanls. The next time you judge a person ask yourself one question first, AM I PERFECT?

    Slightly Edited

  • by Anonymous Location: Eastern NC on Mar 12, 2008 at 10:40 PM
    Once again someone has to post their ignorant remarks to this incident and make it a matter of race. I guess because the defendant in this case is black, we should slap him on the wrist and just tell him not to sell drugs to everyone on the streets. So what if he has to go to jail for the rest of his life. The defendant was ruining probably hundreds of lives by distibuting the drugs that he sold. It shouldnt matter what color they are, all drug dealers should pay for their crimes. Obviously sir you do not pay attention to our court system. Police spend thousands of dollars and months of hard work in investigations to make an arrest on these subjects; only see them go to court, spend a few years in jail, and get out and start selling all over again. So to you I say how about we increase their time in jail. Make it a point that were tired of dealers selling to our children and families. Have a nice day and god bless you!
  • by black man on Mar 12, 2008 at 09:29 PM
    O ok so if viewers like me who dont wish for anyone to have to commit a crime dont reflect your station but since im not cheering the arrest of anyone one the site white or black like your gpd viewers i get an attachment thats funny

    Comment Edited.

  • by black man Location: eastern nc on Mar 12, 2008 at 06:46 PM
    all you people that posted these comments are obviously white people. Im going to say this to you never believe anything you read and believe this if you dont believe this when your children and people closest to start getting locked up for the rest of there youthful live for so called conspiracies and soforth you will feel our pain. yall are a very hatefull race everything will change believe that. Any time that some can go to jail for the rest of his life for a drug offense witch happen to be more people of color and a person who molest children and killers get splapped on the rist witch are crimes yall kind commit ha. yall have really lost your minds every one has to answer to one person witch isnt a judge or white america he would be god and the we will see who get the last laugh. Have a nice day and god bless you
  • by one2one Location: greenville,nc on Mar 12, 2008 at 05:26 PM
    sounds like GPD did a good job but lets hope that he stays in jail.Hear us well all you judges of Pitt Co Courthouse we want this man to get more time than just time served and pay restitution.Remember he ruined lives and destroyed families whether it be with a weapon or a substance still it has the same consequences.He should truly be ashamed of himself
  • by Anonymous on Mar 12, 2008 at 05:24 PM
    live by it die by it.
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