UPDATE: Suspects In Store Robbery, Shooting Make Court Appearance

By: Bill Wilson
By: Bill Wilson

Three man charged last night with Wednesday's robbery and shooting at a Winterville convenience store made their first court appearance this morning.

Bond for Jason Davis and Alvin Canady was set at $3 million, while Gary Johnson's bond is $1,080,000. Scroll below for their mugshots.

The men are suspected of Wednesday morning's robbery and shooting of a store clerk at the Handy Mart on Memorial Drive in Winterville. They were arrested in Craven County after police were tipped off about their whereabouts.

Police say one man is still on the loose for the shooting. His name is Julius Earl Davis. He's a black man, 5'6 with a scar/scratch on his right arm. They say he may be armed and dangerous. Police believe he may be in Vanceboro, Greenville or Kinston. Call authorities if you can help.

Police released dramatic video showing four gunmen holding up the convenience store, moments before the store clerk was shot in the head.

The store clerk is now in good condition at Pitt County Memorial Hospital.

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  • by Matt Location: WINTERVILLE on Dec 26, 2007 at 10:34 PM
    Responding to Jeans comment, Winterville PD ONLY solved this crime because the Pitt County Sheriff assisted them. Pitt County Sheriffs dont play around. Winterville PD is too busy sitting on Highway 11 pretending to be Highway Patrol.
  • by Jean Location: Winterville on Dec 23, 2007 at 09:21 PM
    I know some of the Winterville Police Department officers and for all the people on here complaining about their aggressive traffic enforcement grow up! Because they enforce traffic so much, they have received two police cars and two officers from the Governor’s Highway Safety Program, saving the citizens of Winterville about $160,000.00. The store that was robbed is on Hwy 11. On average 55,000 people pass through Winterville per day, and most of them on NC 11. I know of 5 people KILLED on NC 11 in the past few years, and that is not counting the injured. On a full shift they have 3 officers for 9,100 citizens. The Winterville Police Department solved this heinous crime in less than 48 hours, and had all the suspects in custody in less than 3 days. People are quick to criticize the police when they are in the wrong when they need to look in the mirror. The citizens of Winterville should be proud of their police department.
  • by BIG Bear Location: Pitt Co on Dec 23, 2007 at 02:47 AM
    You know I am sick of all the Black and White Issues. WHere is Al Sharpton and Quanell X and Jesse Jackson?? They would have Winterville up in a BIG RACE WAR if it were a black man hurt by a group of white thugs. Lesson number 1 Thugs and morons come in all flavors and sizes and colors and shapes. Lesson 2 Tougher penalties for the fools who use a gun to hurt or kill someone NO PAROLE NO SECOND CHANCES!! ONLY WAY OUT OF IT IF IT WAS SELF DEFENSE!! THIS WAS NOT A SELF DEFENSE CASE !! BEING POOR AND BLACK AND STUPID IS NO DEFENSE!! IT GOES FOR ALL COLORS!!!! Funny thing is if it were the other way around we would have a WINTERVILLE 4. Life is about Choices. They mad a real bad one here, they dance and listen to the jam the need to play the band and Man up and do their time for a long long time!! Pop them in the head with the gun they used and say" it might have been an accident"!!! It is like a drunk driver he did not mean to kill but he did kill! He was in charge of that Car!!
  • by Ed Location: Greene Co. on Dec 23, 2007 at 02:12 AM
    My dad was an officer for 30 years . He came home fustrated alot of times because the Police cannot be every where at the same time.I have a carry and conceal weapons permit . This is the only thing that will help deter the crime as well as Tougher laws. The criminal s have more rights than the Law Abiding citizens do And if you elect someone like Hillary it is gonna get worse! GUN CONTROL DOES NOT WORK!!! I would not want to shoot to kill anyone, but if this man who was doing his job was armed maybe the MORONS who the Bleeding Heart Liberals protect would have not tried to hurt him . But lets get real DRUGS AND STUPIDITY DONT MIX!! AND THE RACE THING IS BULL THERE ARE STUPID WHITE PEOPLE TOO!! AND IT IS NOT ALWAYS THE PARENTS FAULT!! YOU CAN TRAIN A CHILD LIKE I DO MINE AND MY DAD DID ME AND THEY CAN STILL DO WRONG!!!!! CHOICES!! THESE PUNKS made a bad choice and the should get looked up for life !!!!
  • by matt Location: winterville on Dec 23, 2007 at 12:36 AM
    I agree, Winterville Police need to stop wasting their time and our tax dollars pretending to be HIGHWAY PATROL on highway 11. They think they are sneaky sitting there with their lights off in the median. Nope, I see you, I keep my brights on when i'm in the winterville vicinity. They are also on FIRETOWER RD when it gets dark sitting in the section where the new road is being built with their lights off. Keep an eye out for the Winterville PD / wanna be highway patrol. Throw your brights on and if you see them pump your brakes! :)
  • by D Location: washington on Dec 22, 2007 at 03:32 PM
    there are several points to be made about this situation. 1. if we outlaw guns, we are only feeding the thugs, they will be the only ones who can get them 2. we say thugs, and these people are actually someones children-what did we teach them, what did they see, and most importantly, WHO told us how to raise them. while i do know that there are children being abused, there are yet more that need some attention. i am not referring to a stand in the corner or a sit down and be still punishment. there are many parents still being arrested for trying to raise children to learn respect and just plain good manners. KIDS need more attention then what the corner is going to give them. each child is different and as adults we need to learn this. some require a stiffer punishment than others to get the picture. WHO took these rights from US? now we see what the outcome can be. a trip from behind the woodshed never killed me and i am still thankful that i learned this at home not in a prison.
  • by .BIG J Location: Snowhill on Dec 22, 2007 at 03:05 PM
    Mike in Ayden,People out here do have a life.It is not right for someone else to try and take it.Did you get a ticket and the cop let it go? So stop crying and you go get a life or even a job and let someone try that on you and the cops are not around and then lets see what you got to say.As far as the ones who did this to that poor boy.Put them away for good.
  • by mike Location: ayden on Dec 21, 2007 at 11:49 PM
    Ok first people get a life.. second to all the people on here talking about dui's and seat belt tickets just means that you have recieved them and are angry with cops for doing their job dont blame them blam yourself.... third to the the people that keep talking about greenvilles cheif wake up he had nothing to do with this it happen in Winterville not Greenville and the cheif there is doing a great job... fourth im sure since the clerk appeared to be a friend to the police officers in winterville im pritty much shore if they could of gotten there a little faster they would have takin that bullit for the clerk so stop talking about things you know nothing about... o and the guy said it could have been a accident do i think it could maybe but does that make it right NO . IT IS SO EASY FOR YALL TO TALK ABOUT OFFICERS WHEN YOU R AT HOME EATING OR SLEEPING WITH YOUR LOVE ONES WHILE THEY ARE OUT THEIR DEALING WITH THE THINGS YOU DONT SEE. I COULD NEVER DO IT AND I THANK ALL OF YOU.
  • by paula Location: greenville on Dec 21, 2007 at 11:29 PM
    Hey james maybe you should stay in ayden and not go through winterville speeding, that would be benficial.lol Winterville does a great job, that is why more crimes occure around winterville than in it. o and the Handy mart is located on Hwy 11.
  • by g unit Location: were ever on Dec 21, 2007 at 11:07 PM
    ammmmmmmmmm it took winterville police department 12 hours to find the guys that did this i think that says alot about there police department lol. the people of winterville should be proud ha

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