Singing Road Silenced

Some drivers consider it music to their ears, but now, the song is being silenced. There is a road near Palmdale, California, that performs, in its own way, a well known song.

However, some residents complained about the noise, so Tuesday, city workers will pave over the singing road.

In all of the U.S. there is only one musical road and its here, for now, in Palmdale on Avenue K.

The grooves carved into the road for a Honda commercial perfectly cut and spaced to create the William Tell Overture at 55 miles an hour, you know you want to try it

Charlie Childs, a fan of the musical road, says "oh it's great! I was with my family, we all had these big grins on our faces. We did it like three times. Like 'let's do it again'.

And that's apparently the problem for some who live nearby it's become the William Tell overkill.

Debra White Hayes, who lives near the musical road, says "the way I've learned to sleep now, I close my windows, run my air conditioner, turn on my fan, and the fan helps drown it out some. I keep the fan close to the bed. But, I've had many sleepless nights."

Elizabeth Montano, a fan of the musical road, says "I don't understand them. We actually parked right next to the neighborhood and we actually couldn't hear it. You had to get out of your car to hear it. So, I doubt they're going to hear it inside the house. If anything, they can get over it."

David Smith, a fan of the musical road, says "politicians get a couple letters from a couple people and they haven't been out here to see the smiles it puts on other people's faces. And they just want to fix it for everybody, when there's only a few people that's really upset with it."

The neighbor nearest the noise is all for it, he even put out a sign to save the music.

David Gilroy, a fan of the musical road, says "if anybody should be upset it should be me. I'm the closest, they turn around in my driveway, they turn around in front of my house. It's a constant annoyance, if you want to call it. Not to me, I think it's unique, it's history."

Charlie Childs says "this is definitely something that people that come to Lancaster would want to see and we don't really have a lot of that here."

It seems at this point that the nays have it.

Tuesday, the grooves will be gone, if everything goes according to plan and the music dies in Palmdale.


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