Sesame Street? Or Cleavage Avenue?

(CNN) -- "Sesame Street" has said "yes" and then "no" to Katy Perry's appearance on the iconic children's TV show after parents reportedly complained the star's outfit revealed a bit too much of her cleavage.

The 25-year-old singer stopped by "Sesame Street" to make a kid-friendly music video of "Hot N Cold" with Elmo, which made rounds on the Web earlier this week. The song itself was cleaned up for kids, but it seems that to some parents, her clothing wasn't.

According to TMZ, parents had complaints like, "You can practically see her [expletive]," and "they're gonna have to rename it cleavage avenue."

In a statement, a rep for Sesame Workshop said that the show "has a long history of working with celebrities across all genres, including athletes, actors, musicians and artists. Sesame Street has always been written on two levels, for the child and adult."

The show uses celebrities and parody segments to grab the interest of adults "because we know that a child learns best when co-viewing with a parent or care-giver. We also value our viewer's opinions and particularly those of parents," the statement went on.

"In light of the feedback we've received on the Katy Perry music video which was released on YouTube only, we have decided we will not air the segment on the television broadcast of Sesame Street, which is aimed at preschoolers," the statement concluded.

In response, Perry's rep has also released a statement: "Katy enjoyed working with Sesame Street, Kevin Clash and playing dress up with Elmo. You can view all the fun at"

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  • by To Dar on Oct 5, 2010 at 07:10 PM
    I totally agree that so "much" cleavage should not have been showed on the show but had the parents not complained would sesame street really pulled it? They obviously shot the video knowing what she was wearing. What does that say about the program that allowed it to be shot at all after viewing her costume? but I also have to agree the same parents that were so upset about it also I hope they never carry their child to the beach because their child will see a LOT more then what Katie showed.
  • by Back Location: Gvlle on Oct 3, 2010 at 08:15 AM
    Dar, I applaud your comments as in my opinion they were on the mark. Duh, your comment was uncalled for. This forum is for expressing our opinions, not for you to spread your pathetic negativity. Get a life; a positive one that is.
  • by Duh? on Sep 30, 2010 at 12:47 PM
    Simpsons, Melrose, andf 90210 aren't children's programs. What's so noble about not letting your kids watch them? They shouldn't. You're not doing anything special - it's the parents that aren't regulating it that are failing. Big whoop.
  • by Dar Location: Wilmar on Sep 28, 2010 at 08:04 AM
    Sorry guys, I know nothing much shocks you these days and this didn't shock me either but it goes to show you the path that society is heading down with the anything & everything goes attitude. If Ms. Perry was not totally clueless she would have known that attire was not appropriate. Many here feel that little kids won't notice and you are so right. We as a society are no longer shocked by what is broadcasted on the "boob" tube (no pun intended) as this term is likened to the intelligence of too many viewers. Call me old fashion but I did not let my kids watch the Simpsons, Bart, Melrose Place, Beverly Hills 90210 etc. as I did not deem it appropriate BUT I did discuss with them my reasons why. It simply boiled down to my rules and values. Two of my children are adults (24 & 28) & my relationship with them is incredible & one of my most valued treasures. We can't completely stop the bombardment directed to our children but at the same time we just can't step aside & do nothing.
  • by Audra Location: SoCal on Sep 25, 2010 at 02:10 AM
    Parent: It's called... "Adult Swim" for a reason. I realize your concern is the time of day but no one should assume that a particular hour of broadcast will prevent a child from seeing something they shouldn't anyway. Even when you think they're sleeping.. they might not be. lol Now, if you're saying that they broadcast the wrong program in an unscheduled slot, then by all means call the station and scream at them. That can be addressed rightfully.
  • by Steve Location: Rocky Mount on Sep 24, 2010 at 11:52 AM
    Anybody remember Miss Eveone (or however it's spelled) on Pee Wee's Playhouse? If so, need I say more? Saturday morning show BTW.
  • by Jon Location: NC on Sep 24, 2010 at 07:34 AM
    I really doubt the preschoolers even know what cleavage is or at least they shouldn't. I've noticed when I watch children's shows that I used to watch when I was a kid that there is a lot of adult humor that, as a child, I didn't even notice. The Shrek movies are the same way. Adults have to remember that kids are not thinking on the same level that we are. I agree that there should be limits but this is a bit too much, based on the picture on this site.
  • by Anonymous on Sep 24, 2010 at 02:25 AM
    As far as I can tell by this picture she looks kind of like a Barbie Doll. What's the big deal. Get over it. Better not take your kids to the beach, pool, or the mall for that matter.
  • by truth Location: gville on Sep 23, 2010 at 07:40 PM
    im pretty sure all these kids has seen something way more explicit than this, this is nothing!
  • by Anonymous on Sep 23, 2010 at 03:27 PM
    Just as well go ahead and kick Burt an Earnie off then.
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