Report: Minority Students Face Harsher Punishments

A report to be released today by the Education Department raises questions about whether students of all races are disciplined evenhandedly in America's schools.

An early snapshot of the report says that more than 70 percent of students involved in school-related arrests or cases referred to law enforcement are Hispanic or African-American. It also finds that black students are more than three times more likely than their white peers to be suspended or expelled.

Education Secretary Arne Duncan tells reporters it's a "sad fact" that minority students across America face much harsher discipline than non-minorities, even within the same school.

The report was based on 2009-2010 data.

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  • by Anonymous on Mar 16, 2012 at 09:01 PM
    We moved to North Carolina when the schools were first integrated. This wasn't 100 years ago. It wasn't 300 years ago. It was less than 50 years ago. Crowds of white children would congregate in the halls calling us the N word and other racial slurs every single day for years without provocation. When you walk by one of them might push you, kick or hit you. The teachers and staff knew saw was going on and did nothing because they were racist too. We were outnumbered. The white children would freely pick on us, use racial slurs and insults in class with the teacher standing right there. I had never seen so much rage and hatred from children or anyone. It was an eye opener for me and they didn't even seem human to me. My southern relatives had to explain what racism was to us and tried to teach us to ignore it. I can't believe I was 10 years old and knew nothing about slavery or Black history. I realized I had even been shielded from the Civil Rights Movement that was going on when I was a child. When explained to us, I was confused as I always liked the color of my brown skin, hair,etc. but now we being told that because of this we were hated. We tried to ignore it for a while until we decided to dish out some justice of our own and ended up in the principal's office on numerous occasions. Reading these post lets me know that nothing much has changed. Same old song just a different beat. Although racial slurs may no longer be acceptable, it's still in the hearts, minds and actions. Actions speaks louder than words. It is written that these things will happen and this is only part of the exodus.
  • by Melvin Location: Jacksonville on Mar 15, 2012 at 11:27 AM
    Could ittttttt be that minority students are the ones getting in the most trouble and getting kicked out of school. The question of this study shouldn't be because of the punishment merited out. It should be laid right at the students and parents feet. If the Student doesn't want to learn in a normal government run school environment then he or she needs to be put in a more structured environment like reform school.
    • reply
      by Anonymous on Mar 16, 2012 at 03:18 AM in reply to Melvin
      I bet you that if they dug into the history of each student to explain why minority students receive harsher punishments, they'd find that some students have a lonnnnnnng "rap" sheet when compared to others.
  • by Laura on Mar 13, 2012 at 08:20 PM
    This whole discussion is pointless unless people want to change. Discrimination exist in America and if you are born Black you already have one strike against you regardless of where you live. Whites and other racial groups discriminate against Blacks no matter where they come from. I've traveled all over the world and have lived as a White American abroad. Why should I ignore this when it goes on all over and especially in America! In fact, America and the South with no exception is still a very racist place. I teach in the school system and hear the racist remarks that come out of the kids mouths every day! And YES! It is the White kids doing most of it. The White kids are not as accepting of other kids as the Black and Hispanic kids are. Where do you think they get their racist ideas from? Their racist parents! It's awful and I am sick of White parents taking up for their kids when they are wrong! It's time for people to realize their ignorance and stop spreading hate! I see White teachers ignore, punish and treat Black and Hispanic kids unfairly and it sickens me! That is not what teaching is about. YES I do report it and I do what I can to make sure any kid that I teach has just as much of an opportunity as other kids regardless of their skin color! STOP hurting people just because God made them a different color than you! It's shameful!
    • reply
      by not so much on Mar 14, 2012 at 11:52 AM in reply to Laura
      I completely disagree. Kids are not stupid. They see a significant majority of a certain demographic causing problems at school (being loud, stealing, selling drugs, causing disruptions, failing grades, etc) and they form their own opinion...
    • reply
      by Anonymous on Mar 14, 2012 at 12:09 PM in reply to Laura
      Laura, I have also travel,east coast to west coast in Canada, U S an Mexico.Europeans think difference and always have. I came back to Wayne county 5 years ago and the racism here is worse than any place I lived or traveled to, and I'm talking about black racism against whites. Blacks seem to be holding a chip on their shoulder that should have been gone along time ago.It wasn't this bad when I got out of high school in 71 just after the schools were integrated.As far as blacks already have one strike against them,that may have been true 20,30 years ago , I don't that's holds true in 2012.Every person develops a mind of their own and knows right from wrong by the age of 10.I'm tried of people like you, always wanting to put the blame on the white race for someone that know right from wrong and takes the wrong path .I had hope when Obama was elected that a black man in the white house would bring America together, but that hasn't happen. I also think it made it worse. Remember Laura, action create reaction, and it all starts at home . Kids are a product of their environment
    • reply
      by wrong on Mar 15, 2012 at 09:10 AM in reply to Laura
      You are so wrong. Where do you teach? Kids torment each other because they are either insecure, a brat, or have been indoctrinated by their parents to believe whatever. Some teachers DO show bias, but I've seen the opposite scenario play out at my child's school (black teachers look out for black kids and make exceptions, etc.) Does that mean I think all black kids are racist and black teachers are always looking out for their own race? No, I know that's not true because I know generalizations based on something arbitrary like race are dangerous and counter-productive to a tolerant society (you know, like the one you are preaching about?) Bottom line: Grow up! Racism exists but every race is GUILTY of it (not every person...but people within every race!). Get over it and live your life...don't make excuses for other people to be weak. I really wouldn't want you teaching my child with your attitude...
  • by Sad on Mar 13, 2012 at 08:46 AM
    If your goal is to get attention and you try hard enough you will get it,everything in life has a lot to do with what your goal is,you didn't have a choice about your color.
  • by Sam Location: Kitty Hawk on Mar 12, 2012 at 02:31 PM
    That a bunch of hogwash. I can only imagine Al, Jesse, Lavon, Barlow, and MC Jamal believing this hogwash and wanting to think it's true. That study must be done by a group of blacks who are trying to get more lenient punishments than their white counterparts. They are not biased towards one particular race.
  • by Anonymous on Mar 12, 2012 at 10:32 AM
    In 2008, court cases in NC (specific to 17 year olds) featured 250% higher count by black 17 year olds as compared to white 17 year olds. White people make up 68.5% of the population as compared to black people making 21.5%. Hmmmmm.
    • reply
      by Anonymous on Mar 12, 2012 at 02:07 PM in reply to
      Yeah! HMmmmmm!! Give your kids some home training and teach them to behave!
      • reply
        by Anonymous on Mar 13, 2012 at 10:02 AM in reply to
        Here is an idea. The government will help out with one child. Any more than one and you have to pay for them. This would drastically decrease these problems.
        • reply
          by Anonymous on Mar 16, 2012 at 09:20 PM in reply to
          I have a better one.... Pay each family reparations for the 300 years forced free labor on their ancestors depriving them of an inheritance and then....they won't need the government anymore.
    • reply
      by answer? on Mar 15, 2012 at 09:15 AM in reply to
      black people are poorer, mom and dad aren't at home or have their own problems to deal with, and black kids have HORRIBLE role models (all these boys trying to be thugs didn't think it was cool because their preacher was doing it...) in short: black people commit MORE crime, because many of them have come from broken homes, or poor homes, or gotten lost in the horrible black popular culture we have right now. yes, white people commit crimes too, but they are LESS likely to do so because they (USUALLY) have more resources....
    • reply
      by Anonymous on Mar 16, 2012 at 09:12 PM in reply to
      Of course!
  • by Lee Location: Greenville on Mar 12, 2012 at 07:30 AM
    If you go to school on the north side of the river in Pitt County and you are white you are the Minority.
  • by This makes me sad on Mar 12, 2012 at 05:15 AM
    Whites are mean to everyone (other whites, blacks, and Mexicans). Blacks are also mean to everyone (other blacks, whites, and Mexicans). Mexicans are also mean to everyone (other Mexicans, whites, and blacks). Does it not depend on the "individual" person? Guys are mean to girls and other guys. Girls are mean to guys and other girls. Skinny people are mean to fat people. It's like me saying all blacks and Mexicans do is take tax money and live off of it and don't have jobs and they are all gangsters. That isn't right the people who are like that are just a part of that race. White people do it too. I honestly don't know what else can be said because if you really don't understand what I mean then you never will. By the way it just says minority students face harsher punishments it didn't say which race or if it is even in fact about race; maybe there talking about us fat people or the really scary skinny ones?
    • reply
      by Ms. CeeCee on Mar 12, 2012 at 10:42 AM in reply to This makes me sad
      I think your right! if everyone would treat others as they would like to be treated the world would be a better place
      • reply
        by Melvin on Mar 15, 2012 at 11:59 AM in reply to Ms. CeeCee
        But they can't and won't CeeCee. There is one thing that really irritates the Northern Liberals. They kept pounding into peoples the White Folks are racists and Black Folks are stuck on the plantation. To this very day this is the message. This is the message from the NAACP, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and Black Civil Rights Organizations and even some well known respected members of the Black clergy. I listened one day to an old and wrinkled up Black fellow, who weighed about 10 pounds soaking wet. "He leaned back in his chair and said, "There was a day that Black and White Folks got along." But CeeCee there is folks out there that make money of promoting racism and poverty, it keeps them empower, and people who listen to it enslaved. After the War Between the States there was a term, "The South will rise again." It did CeeCee, but it rose better that ever before and better than the Northern pointy nosed Liberals give us credit for. But people on both sides need to return to faith and family that is the bedrock of Southern heritage. Your solution is simple, Just treat others as you wish to be treated.
    • reply
      by Anonymous on Mar 12, 2012 at 02:06 PM in reply to This makes me sad
      Yep! It's that 98% making that 2% look bad!
      • reply
        by Anonymous on Mar 13, 2012 at 04:18 AM in reply to
        You have to be kidding.
  • by Scared on Mar 12, 2012 at 12:00 AM
    The study needs to be done on white children who throw a hissy and shoot up these schools. Another issue to explore is why are so many white female teachers having sex with their underage students. Black people should be afraid to send their children to school when faced with these issues. We have concluded racism has always been there and always will.
  • by Whitney on Mar 11, 2012 at 10:19 PM
    Racism comes from every direction not just one race. I've dealt with racism first hand, I'm a white women who has dated in and outside of my race. I dealt with one of my boyfriends mother talking junk because I was white and people saying things about the men of other races I dated that I won't repeat. I'm now married to a black man and have 2 children and I still see the those "looks" from blacks and whites. In my opinion EVERYONE just needs to get over their race issues because blacks aren't going anywhere neither are whites, hispanics or any other race. People also need to stop blaming everyone for something a hand full have done, I'm tired of being blamed for something my ancestors did that I don't even agree with at all!!!
    • reply
      by Educate Yourself For Your Children on Mar 12, 2012 at 07:19 PM in reply to Whitney
      You may be tired of it but for the sake of your biracial children I hope you have tried to understand how generations of slavery affect African Americans today. For instance 2-3 generations back your husbands ancestors were slave building 0 wealth while your ancestors were most likely building wealth obtained from the free labor of slaves.
      • reply
        by Anonymous on Mar 12, 2012 at 08:03 PM in reply to Educate Yourself For Your Children
        I don't need to educate myself on that topic anymore than I already have!!!! Like I said before I can't change what my ancestors did, and I think slavery is completely wrong!!!! African Americans today weren't alive back than either so why should the ones who are racist have the right to be racist towards me? I have never once treated someone different based on their skin color and no one should treat me different. I judge people based on the personality and character just as every one should do!!! My children will be raised to NOT be racist towards anyone and to treat everyone with respect. If more people were raised properly racism wouldn't be a problem. Racism is something that is learned no one is born hating another race its what they hear and see growing up.
      • reply
        by Anonymous on Mar 13, 2012 at 11:30 AM in reply to Educate Yourself For Your Children
        Did you mean black children? Really I'm confused because of the one drop rule. Black people with mixed blood have been around for centuries. Is this something new?
        • reply
          by Anonymous on Mar 13, 2012 at 03:02 PM in reply to
      • reply
        by Anonymous on Mar 13, 2012 at 03:02 PM in reply to Educate Yourself For Your Children
      • reply
        by Anonymous on Mar 15, 2012 at 05:35 AM in reply to Educate Yourself For Your Children
        There were cases of blacks owning whites too by the way.
  • by MC Jamal Location: mean streets on Mar 6, 2012 at 12:34 PM
    Man Eastern N.C. is blowing up on this story,must be that the truth hurts.Schools are no different than any other part of society,the ones with less money get dumped on.You think they are going to treat a kid with well to do parents the same way as a poor kid,Wake Up.Minority students have always and will forever be the scape goats who get the short end of the stick.All you posters need to take off your rose colored glasses and see truth for truth,there is still a bias against minorities.Nuff Said!!
    • reply
      by UmHum on Mar 6, 2012 at 03:27 PM in reply to MC Jamal
      So you are saying, MC Jamal, that these minority students have been wrongly accused and are being disciplined without just cause? How do you know? Could the discipline given be partly dependent upon a record of previous offenses?
    • reply
      by So, you're saying... on Mar 7, 2012 at 06:52 AM in reply to MC Jamal
      It's unfair that white people that make more money can afford a nicer, newer car? Can afford a nicer, newer house? Why SHOULDN'T smarter, richer people have more "breaks". I think children that go to private school should get a better education than poorer, public school children. The rich parents CARED enough to provide better for them. They planned their life better. I think they deserve to get better treatment.
  • by ENCTarheel Location: Vanceboro on Mar 6, 2012 at 11:15 AM
    Look at the source, Arne Duncan. He is another of the Chicago thugs that are in the Obama administration.
  • by US-First Location: Greenville on Mar 6, 2012 at 11:02 AM
    Another race bating issue to control the political climate in Obama's favor. Bog down the GOP candidates in more senseless posturing with the press that does nothing to address the issues that really matter. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.
  • by Cheryl Location: Greenville on Mar 6, 2012 at 10:54 AM
    Sick of every biased study and research based on minority rights. It's not the civil war times people.
    • reply
      by JMM on Mar 6, 2012 at 11:33 AM in reply to Cheryl
      Wow, just plain wow! Jim Crow and the Civil Rights movement was less than 50 years ago, but you immediately jump back 100 years? Its true what they say: you people really are still fighting "The war of Norther aggression" in your heads. LOL!
      • reply
        by I Get It on Mar 6, 2012 at 09:25 PM in reply to JMM
        Cheryl was only making a point. You (on the other hand) decided to insult her & belittle her comment. Good sound like a nice person. (lol)
  • by ME Location: US on Mar 6, 2012 at 10:25 AM
    Welcome to America the offended where "everyone" is treated by color. This country will continue to fall and never return to the conditions in which it was founded because someone is offended because of the color in which they were born. Get over it, life is not fair, GET IT?????? Does everyones life go smoothly all of the time? It's not my fault, get over it and get a life...White House, black car,yellow perch,we even order chicken by white meat, it's a color should we just create a one color world? I'm sorry children life will have color!! If one color or the other is responsible for more crime then that's the way it is. Accept it it's life.
  • by Meredith Location: Greenville on Mar 6, 2012 at 09:46 AM
    I don't agree or disagree with these findings, but further details would clarify some questions people may have. Are the punishments for these minorities more severe because their "offenses" or "behaviors" are worse than those students of other races? (And this is in no way shape or form trying to generalize behavior based on race or race based on behavior) Each situation is going to vary greatly and can be considered circumstancial. But my question, for this specific set of data being reported on, is what were the offenses the minorities were being punished for in comparison with the offenses their white counterparts were (or were not) punished for? If we want to make this even more interesting, add some data for racially mixed students. Are they punished as minorities or as an individual from their other race(s)? News blips like this are what work up racial issues amongst readers who just assume the news is giving them the FULL story or 100% of information, facts and data but as an educated citizen and consumer of "news", you ALWAYS have to ask further and indepth questions, and then you can begin to scratch the surface on issues like this
    • reply
      by JMM on Mar 6, 2012 at 10:46 AM in reply to Meredith
      Great post Meredith. Thank you. I couldnt have said it any better. A speck of hope for this region after all.
    • reply
      by Anonymous on Mar 6, 2012 at 10:54 AM in reply to Meredith
      It seems to me the release of this data without releasing the entire report is what politicians do for political advantage. It appears that this little sound bite was released just to enrage the public. From an earlier post I understand that the full report will be released later today. Recommend you read it before making any judgements here for there really is no data here to prove anyone's point one way or the other. Hey, WITN, how about finishing this story or is writing news stories with little to no data to incite people your goal?
    • reply
      by US-First on Mar 6, 2012 at 11:04 AM in reply to Meredith
      Perhaps the use of the words "An early snapshot of the report" gave it away?
  • by LEW Location: MOTOWN on Mar 6, 2012 at 09:43 AM
    Believe nothing of what you hear and only half of what you see.- unknown
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